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Recommended hardware for LSPDFR

Please note that this guide is geared towards computer enthusiasts who have experience with building their own systems through purchasing individual components.  


In this guide we will introduce various sophisticated hardware setups for a smooth gaming experience. We've listed a great range of future-proof options to ensure there's the right fit for every special situation. The recommendations are mostly based on Reddit's PCMR. We've linked every part with the respective Amazon.com item, but there might be places where it is sold a little cheaper.

For ease, we’ve paired latest generation Intel and nVidia components into the systems listed below, this may or may not be to your personal taste, however it’s what we recommend for the best performance/value at every price point.


Another thing to consider is whether you’re particularly interested in investing in an SSD over a HDD. In the systems listed below, we recommended using an SSD where we could, however it’s solely up to you whether it’s something you want when building a system. Other than faster load times, an SSD will yield little to no performance increase in GTA V, however when considering the current price of SSDs and your budget, you may decide a HDD (or SSHD) better fits your needs, a combination of both may also suit your build (HDD as your main storage for cheap price per gigabyte, SSD for storage you want to access or load fast ie. windows files for 5 second boot ups, game file for faster load screens).

Please find a list of our recommended setups below, each designed for a specific situation. It's important to note that the list is based purely on theoretical statistics of the components and is a guide only, it does not account for real world testing, component degradation, 'silicone lottery' or overclocking.


"Training Day" setup [Minimum Spec | Medium Settings | 30fps] ~$500





Nice to have



"Patrol Veteran" setup [Recommended Spec | High Settings | 60fps] ~$700





Nice to have



"Be the Chief" setup [Ultra Spec | Very High Settings | 60+fps] ~$1000





Nice to have







Also, why not take a look at a couple of the special builds listed below?  Note that by no means do we recommend that you copy our systems as they are likely to be outdated and will offer far less value for money than the components listed above, but we've included them anyway so that you can see the builds, part for part, currently used by the developers of LSPDFR. There are no links included as some of these parts are older and may no longer be available on Amazon.


The Hydra by @Sam


If you like to consider yourself the Mike Tyson of gaming, look no further. The build below, selected and used by our very own Sam, gives you conquering, military-grade, Hyrda fighter jet flying performance.  Optionally coupled with an incredible 4K resolution display monitor and battled tested in well over 2,750 hours of GTA V, this is a build that will stand the test of time.



The Ultrawide by @ineseri


If you like wide games and you cannot lie, this is the right build for you. With a beautiful 3440x1440 resolution at 100 Hertz, your game never felt smoother. Furthermore, this build has been approved by the internal G17 Media Heist Operations Crew, giving you the edge in your GTA Online adventures.



Special thanks to @PgUp for helping with the creation of this article.


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