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Gallery Guidelines

  • Don't use the GTA IV or GTA V Categories to upload images not taken directly from GTA IV or GTA V, respectively
  • Renders/ZMod screenshots may not be posted in our gallery (use forum threads instead for showcasing WIP projects)
  • Don't use the Gallery to advertise your YouTube accounts or websites
  • Don't use the Gallery to direct users to download modifications from other websites
  • Real world images are strictly prohibited
  • Showing off models you have no intention of ever releasing on LCPDFR.com is prohibited.
  • Images may be removed if they are uploaded repeatedly or if they otherwise spam/clutter the site - As a general rule of the thumb, we allow around 5 images every 30 minutes. Images may not spam the gallery. 
    • Remember that you can add several images to one gallery image post.
    • Do this if you're showing if your images are extremely similar
  • The random gallery can be used for any game except GTA IV / GTA V

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