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File Guidelines

  • Every part and contribution must be properly credited
  • File updates must be published as updates, not brand new submissions
  • At least one in-game or OpenIV screenshot is required
  • Do not upload packs containing mods not created or edited by yourself
  • Do not upload improper file types in the wrong categories (no weapons in vehicle models, etc.)
  • If uploading a pack of files you made yourself, create separate submissions for each type (vehicles, weapons, etc.)
  • When uploading texture submissions, do not include the model that they are made for (only a link instead), and include only the raw texture (in png, bmp, jpg, etc. format).  Do not upload wtd files (or for GTA V, .ytd files).
  • Do not upload executable files, unless absolutely necessary. For example, you should never use a self-extracting .exe archive, or an installer, for Vehicle Models and Vehicle Textures.
  • Do not upload on behalf of another person.
  • Reviews must contain a valid review text (No "1 star" comments and so fourth). 
  • File reviews should relate directly to the item at hand.  Comments written as reviews, and off topic posts, will be removed from the Reviews section of files.
  • If you use the 'beta' system, it is not permissible for this file to vary dramatically from the file that is distributed to the public. (e.g. it is not allowed to have a text file that says "you must be a tester to see this file" and then the beta version contains a script modification -- but for example having a vehicle model and the beta version contains fixes or additional modelling which the public version does not have is permissible)

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