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Limits and Restrictions on Downloads


LCPDFR.com serves over 25Tb a month in downloads alone. In order to sustain this, we do have a fair usage policy.

We do not limit how much data you can download from LCPDFR.com. However, we do have restrictions on download speed, and how much you can download at once.


For non-members, this is limited to 100kb/s - 2000kb/s, depending on download server load.

For members, you are restricted to 2500kb/s.

All users are limited to 3 simultaneous downloads.


It's possible that you may not get the maximum speed, for a variety of reasons;

  1. You are using a download manager or software that attempts to make numerous connections (this is not supported and can reduce your download speed).
  2. Your ISP has contention issues to our download server provider.
  3. Our servers are overloaded (we are experiencing high load) and therefore congestion may reduce speed of all downloaders.


However, we expect that all logged in members should be able to achieve at least 500kb/s at all times. If you are unable to achieve this base speed, please create a topic in the Website Problems, Feedback and Suggestion forum.

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