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  1. IckleKI

    F4 Ragehook and Police Radio not showing

    Brilliant, thank you so much for your help.
  2. Hi everyone, I apologise in advance if this question has already been asked. Recently I've been experiencing a some difficulty when launching the game, when I hit F4 or C for police radio they do not show up. I can still use them blind, I have to guess. Is anyone else having this issue? No error log as the game works perfectly fine and sometimes they do work. I've tried starting to administrator mode and still no use.
  3. IckleKI

    Los Santos Noir

    You deserve a gold medal and an award for best script and mod. This plugin is truly amazing and I can tell you've put a lot of work into it. I would love to see more from this, thank you a lot. Recommendations:/Ideas Adding the choice of multiple suspects. Integrate LSPDFR+ which will add more information prior call out. Promotion system
  4. IckleKI

    New Hair and Features For Cop

    Hey nice addons for the features, where are the uniforms do you have the links? Cheers.
    Brilliant! Was looking for a mega pack for US styled police agencies and this is probably the best so far! Keep up the good work.
  5. Hey all could I ask if anyone has uploaded the new Peugeot Expert police van for British LSPDFR. I've seen them in London, Cumbria, Lancashire and Scotland. They also have an awesome siren! I live opposite the police station and they fly out in these every hour, pretty cool to see. I've also uploaded the siren. Possibly from this? police07.wav
  6. IckleKI

    Lspdfr closes at first emergency call

    Remove assorted call outs and see if the game works, if a call is triggered and your games crashes it's most likely that call out. Check if scriptv and scripthook is up to date.
  7. IckleKI

    Installing own siren (no sound in-game)

    16.05MB your claim does seem to make sense though because even the siren that haven't been touched don't work. Edit All sirens don't work
  8. IckleKI

    BRITISH style Backup.xml (WANTED)

    The mods provided above only really affect AI officers spawned by the actual game. LSPDFR spawns it's own with it's own loadouts. Would be good if we could change that.
  9. Hey all, I've been looking for British sirens in my area for a while and non have really popped up apart from London sirens which is not really my area. I'm from the Lake District and they have a cool new siren on the Peugeot vans (Which I think are used in London too) I don't know, anyway I managed to download a couple of .WAV files and convert them into openIV without any problems however when I've launched the game they don't play when the siren is activated. I switched the .WAV files to mono and 16bit like other siren files and even made sure they were the same length as the London sirens which came from Albo. I have no idea why they're not playing so if any one has this issue or knows a fix then help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. IckleKI

    Suggestion for when you die on duty

    Brilliant idea! I think it would add realism. On the actual gaming when you switch character they are just continuing their normal lives. :)
  11. Thank you, I'll try it now.
  12. "None" I don't think the XML will recognise it as custom back up options are best or random options I didn't think it'll recognised it. Could always try thanks. As for WEAPON_STUNGUN it fails to load in game and says XML error once games has launched. Basicly guns are completely fine for swat officers but patrol units I prefer batons or even stun gun which some officers with some fiddling do actually use on the game. I have OCD when it comes to gaming and knowing that my area don't use guns is unrealistic to me. It's GTA I know thanks for you reply really appreciate it!
  13. Reason I'm posting this here as it's not technically a LSPDFR issue. I'm wanting to creating something so that backup officers do NOT spawn with any weapon in their hands this will be handy for code 2 responses and feels more realistic. I've tried custom back up mods and they don't seem to solve the issue, is there anyway to override LSPDFR's back up system and have officers respond without, Main reason for this I'm using British styled mods I already have British load outs but it doesn't affect LSPDFR's custom back up. Help will be appreciated! xD
  14. IckleKI

    Custom Backup

    Thanks for the reply! WEAPON_STUNGUN ?