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    Cyan joined the LCPDFR team in late 2009 and became involved with the website, then hosted on a different domain. After the popularity of the project increased dramatically, Cyan set up the LCPDFR website as we know it today and is now responsible for maintaining and administering our growing network.
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About Me

Hello, I'm the sysadmin / developer / co-founder behind the LCPDFR.com website.

I joined the LCPDFR team in early 2009, and helped establish the LCPDFR.com web presence to what it is today.


Treat staff with respect, and you'll be treated equally with respect.

I will not reply to any message that include insults or unnecessary profanities.

You should contact me if:
  • You find a security issue with the site.
  • You find a critical bug on the site that stops you from reporting it normally.
  • You have an issue with your account that you would prefer not to discuss in public.
  • You want to make a report against a member of our moderation team, and other attempts to contact management have failed.

Post in our website problem, feedback in suggestion forum if:

  • You have feedback to share about a website feature, or the website in general.
  • You're experiencing a bug with the website or have a specific problem with your account.

Contact staff if:

  • You have a question about the rules.
  • You have a question about files or images.
  • You have a concern about someone else's behaviour (you should report anything you think is a violation).