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  1. Illusionyary

    Federal Signal Touchmaster Delta Siren

    This file is very old now so it may not work anymore, apologies if you're having issues. I'm not modding GTA anymore.
  2. Illusionyary

    Los Santos County Sheriff's Office Texture Pack

    Apologizes for my inactivity. It's up to you, I really do not mind either way. I don't make textures for GTA much anymore so I really don't mind, lol.
  3. Illusionyary

    Los Santos County Sheriff's Office Texture Pack

    Go for it, I don't mind.
  4. Seems cops in the States are too eager to go to deadly force right away these days. There was absolutely no need for it, this guy was unarmed and non-combative towards the officer, he could have been subdued with a nightstick, pepper spray or a taser, but no, now he's dead. It's incidents like these that only lead to more mistrust of law enforcement.
  5. Illusionyary

    Make a retired ford explorer 2016-2018

    ...why not just use one of the development or civilian models?
  6. Illusionyary

    West Midlands Police Siren

    I don't know the exact siren they use, but from my understanding most departments in the UK use either Whelen or Hazard sirens. Here's two British sirens I found, no idea if they're accurate or not, but that's for you to decide. :)
  7. I'm in Western Australia and just downloaded LCPDFR now to test, took 20 seconds on the NBN. Seems to be more on your end I'm afraid.
  8. How about a character limit? Make it so reviews can't be shorter than 50 characters, or something like that. It'd stop users from just posting "Good", "Cool", "Nice" and that sorta thing.
  9. Illusionyary

    NYPD Chief of Department

    I've merged all your posts into one single topic. Please do not spam the forum with requests about basically the same thing, in future just create one thread asking if said badges can be made or not. Also this has nothing to do with LSPDFR, moved. This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.
  10. Illusionyary

    Galls Street Thunder Siren?

    I'm unsure of any departments actually using it, but I like the way it sounds too. I did a bit of testing with it in GTA V but trying to find a clean copy is hard.
  11. Illusionyary

    Cursor moves without mouse motion.

    Have you got any other controllers plugged in? I've had problems with my Xbox 360 controller affecting my joystick, mouse and keyboard controls (and vice versa) on older games, but I've never had it happen in GTA V.
  12. Exit out of that preview, enable editing mode with OpenIV and drag the visualsettings.dat file out of OpenIV onto your desktop. Open it with NotePad, scroll down until you find the emissive section, then change the number, save it, then drag it back into OpenIV where you found it (update/update.rpf/common/data). Maybe it's hard limited? Because that doesn't look brighter than the 2300 of Radiance.
  13. 6000?! RadianceV doesn't even go above 2300, 6000 must be blinding!
  14. Scroll about a quarter of the way down until you see the "emissive bits" section, and crank up the value of "car.defaultlight.day.emissive.on" and "car.defaultlight.night.emissive.on" to a couple of hundred. The Radiance mod for example has them set to 1700 (day) and 1100 (night), so anywhere around there is fine, the higher the number the brighter the lights. I wouldn't go above 2500 though. Once you've done that just save it and reimport it with OpenIV.
  15. Since we've got a few Japanese police cars here, the R34 is still in service as of December 2016.