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  1. Schecter004

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Well, that's not what i wrote. Read my text again. Why do they have to announce an update over a year of it's actual release? We even don't know if it will released this year. At some point people get dissapointed and loose interest because they don't know how long will it still take.
  2. Schecter004

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Yeah, i'm also loosing interest. It defenitely takes too long. Would be better to post all the announcements a couple weeks before the actual releaae. You know people get excited when you post announcements. If it'll not released this year it, than it's pretty disappointing.
  3. Schecter004

    Vapid Executioner - Unmarked

    Without even downloaded the mod i know it's awesome. Will be my new NOOSE SWAT car.
  4. Schecter004

    [ELS] Royal Canadian Mounted Police Mega Pack

    You're a troll, aren't you?
  5. Schecter004

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Nahhhhh..... WQHD, 144hz and G- Sync is better.....
  6. Schecter004

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    Well, with my nex GTX 1080 and my new 700€ 27“ IPS monitor this will be fun!
  7. Schecter004


    Nice to see some high quality models on LCPDFR
    Pretty bad pack. The LOD's are horrible!
  8. Schecter004

    [ELS] Undercover Vapid Stanier

    It's pretty good.
  9. Schecter004

    Retro RCMP Ford CrownVictoria Pack

    Do you know what's the purpose of this thing?
  10. Schecter004

    Retro RCMP Ford CrownVictoria Pack

    Hello. Where's the little red spotlight on the hood on the black white cvpi?
    Okay, guys. THIS IS THE BEST SHIT OUT THERE! The quality of this pack had blown me away. I'm a true ELS- guy. But there's simply no ELS- pack out there what contains such high quality cars. My favorite car:
    This shit ain't real! This is the best non- ELS car pack, ever! The lights look awesome and the setup is genius. Really, do a pack with Stanier and Interceptor!
  11. Nice work as always. You should make a whole fleet with Stanier's, Buffalo's and Interceptor's!
  12. Schecter004

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention

    Will be there a possibility to have State Patrol patrolling only the highways? Now the Sheriff hides in the bushes to catch speeders on the highway.