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    Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

    Since we have the new LSPDFR media thread, I figured i'd kick it off with a thread of some of your best screenshots taken in LSPDFR. I'll start off with a few. Also, make sure to add a spoiler tag if you're posting more than one screenshot at a time.
  2. I've noticed a few models here and there with false lighting IDs and or some people who do not have knowledge of this. I'm just posting a list put together by Solo from GTA-Inside for anybody who needs this information. All light IDs must be set through vertex mode in Zmodeler3. left headlight (headlight_l) = 1 right headlight (headlight_r) = 2 left taillight (taillight_l) = 3 right taillight (taillight_l) = 4 front left indicator (indicator_lf) = 5 front right indicator (indicator_lr) = 6 rear left indicator (indicator_lr) = 7 rear right indicator (indicator_rr) = 8 left brakelight (brakelight_l) = 9 right brakelight (brakelight_r) = 10 middle brakelight (brakelight_m) = 11 left reverse light (reversinglight_l) = 12 right reverse light (reversinglight_r) = 13 extra light 1 (extralight_1) = 14 extra light 2 (extralight_2) = 15
  3. Lundy

    ELS Steady-burns

    Anybody else having an issue with steady burns not being utilized by the AI? If I toggle LSTG 3, the lights work as intended, but if the AI turns on their lights, everything but the steady burns are functional. This happens all the time.
  4. Realized I never posted a WIP topic on FR. Here's my bucket of pictures. This picture perfect recreation was possible thanks to Solo from GTAInside.
  5. I thought it would be helpful to post the hashes for the sirens in V since most of them are still in the hash code. Make it a bit easier on those siren modders out there. 0x0EA58C7C - Generic Bullhorn 0x013F5FE7 - PoliceB Main 0x17DDFB5C - PoliceB Secondary 0x0A8960B6 - FIB Primary 0x0A49B203 - FIB Secondary 0x0D329446 - Police Primary SIREN_2 - Police Secondary POLICE_WARNING - Not a clue. 0x0E0DA7BC - Granger Primary 0x16E74B3E - Granger Secondary 0x1C98C4D5 - Ambulance Primary 0x144C8602 - Ambulance Secondary AMBULANCE_WARNING - Wonder what this one could be? 0x14BFBCE3 - Fire Horn 0x159C9182 - Fire Primary 0x161768E7 - Fire Secondary Siren Hashes.txt
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    Super Fleet

    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

  7. Short: I've been off for months now due to a high-functioning illness. I'm glad to be perfectly stable and willing to pass thanks to all of u. I'll be moving on. I hope all of my fans remember me. c u
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    Release = uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

    Tomorrow, i guess.
  9. All of my woman chick magnet mods go here.
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    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    Beat Cop!

    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    Fly high

    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    Affordable Luxury

    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    From the album: Lundy's W.I.Ps

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    Is LCPDFR any good?

    That's an embeded link to the official R* patch. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7B-jmIaygNCQTNnZFlMLVdvd2M/view Mod pack with fixes and all the goodies. Strooper cars and some LCPD and strooper ped mods. Along with LCPD detectives. I don't recommend anything else.