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    "Hands on head, or brains on street, your choice." ~ S
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    British columbia/ Vancouver
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    I'm really interested in police Dept's. Sheriff dept. and uniforms skins on gta4. Life story: I had wanted to be a police officer since 5, I had saw taser's at about 7 and wanted to get a hold of one, at the time I knew the 10 codes and police language. I moved to Canada to adapt in the RCMP climate and so I want to be a moutie! I loved horses and had wanted to live on a farm house... then i was like, wait it's freaking freezing there lol so i really didn't want to live on a farm when it was about below 11 to 13 degrees. And i found this game! :) at first it was 0.91 then 0.95 my favorite until: lcpdfr: 1.0 the most amazing moment for me! :) now here i am!
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