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  1. J T

    [ELS] 2019 Dodge Ram Undercover

    so? san andreas is based on california not texas and in los angeles area they dont have very many unmarked cars with rambars
  2. nice to see some california stuff for once but the other vehicles are missing spotlights and it would be nice to see a tahoe and a crew cab silverado, the real life counterpart has only a rambar no wrap around
  3. J T

    Retired Police Cars/ Civilian Police Variants

    uhh.....wheels and tires are two different things, this thing has huge tires and the wheel base is long for a supposed Tahoe, park this next to the older Tahoe and youll see how ridiculous it looks, greathah scaled it down to look more like a proper tahoe
  4. J T

    2018 Dodge Charger PPV "LSCSD SIU & More"

    can you remove the siderunners?
  5. J T

    [ELS] 2019 Dodge Ram Undercover

    yes i know but every vehicle released on here has a rambar, gets frustrating and repetitive after awhile....this truck sits to low anyway its almost light a low rider
  6. J T

    Retired Police Cars/ Civilian Police Variants

    tahoe/suburban needs to be scaled in order for it to be a tahoe, tires are pretty big
  7. J T


  8. J T

    [ELS] 2018 F150 Unmarked

    the windshield is white and the lods are not working correctly, the vehicle disappears in the distance...and keep ram bar off its hard enough to find an unmarked vehicle without one
  9. pretty stoked, cant wait to have the proper cars in the proper jurisdictions, i just hope the computer system has been updated so you dont have to type it in with a keyboard and more controller support....did not see this get talked about much
  10. did you install corona modifier in the options folder? im trying it now