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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to Dayton17 in POLICE EXAM   
    I'm going to be bluntly honest with you. Find a different career. You could spend the rest of your life trying for something that you will not obtain. What I want you to realize is, EVEN IF YOU GET A PARDON, that doesn't gaurentee your hire. They will STILL know about your charge. Most if not all applications flat out ask, have you been charged with or convicted of a felony, to which you'd have to answer yes or you'd be lying. The expungment would remove it from regular jobs seeing anything, but law enforcement is all knowing. Once you have an FBI number it doesn't simply go away. A pardon can excuse it from your normal record, but it still is on your record. Secondly, Law enforcement is a very competitive field, so even saying that in a year a law was passed and the expungment would completely take it off your record, as soon as one person found out, you would be removed for someone(of which there are many applicants) without a felony. It hurts, I understand and I'm not trying to sound like an asshole, but it is what it is. The longer you hold onto it the harder it will be to accept. Try finding a different career. You are chasing someone that it at this point unrealistic.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from NYPDDetectiveODonnell in POLICE EXAM   
    Not if you're so negligent as to not check your line of fire.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from FCV96 in POLICE EXAM   
    If I was on the call, no I wouldn't have. More often than not, the officer responding to the call has limited information to go on and likely doesn't know you at all. Now I'm not sure of the exact details of what happened, but if I was there, I'd determine that the kid was struck with the pellet, and you were the perpetrator. Whether you claim it was accidental or not, if the shoe fits you're getting locked up (which it sounds like that's what happened in your case). Much like domestic violence cases - at least in my area - if there's evidence of injury, the accused aggressor is going to jail. No amount of talking is going to change that. The rest is for a judge to decide.
    And I don't want to sound like a broken record repeating what others have said, but to reiterate: many departments will simply not accept the liability of hiring a convicted felon. Also, I don't know if anyone's touched on this yet: if you as a legal adult couldn't practice muzzle safety with a pellet gun, what department is going to trust you with a real firearm? I suggest you come to terms with the fact that you were the one that perpetrated the action, and not place blame on others or the system for that. You're just going to have to find another field to get into.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from MalipsTubes55 in Prince George's County, MD Pack?   
    I'll help you out. Just to be clear, I don't do models, just textures. So, if interested, send me a PM with the vehicles you'd like me to make them for.
    -AJ, HoCo
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to XBR410 in Petition   
    if this bill was to get passed, with the list of the Types of Felony's being not able to apply being so small it concerns me.. Rapists would be able to join the Program if they only do it Once? Violent Felony's would be included?..
    If Someone was to rob my Parents Liquor Store at Gun point, gets arrested and its his first offense, he would be able to end up getting a shot at being a cop if he wanted to later down the road?? (The Vibe im getting from this whole thing is that you want your Felony Gone so you can apply for a Police Department But if YOU can that means anyone who acts on a felony just once can do it too(Unless its murder))   or am i just missing some details here..
    Also I'd be the Last Person to Judge you here as im not Perfect Either, but Having a ton of BB Guns myself i find it exploding and Releasing 3 BB's straight into someone's back a little hard to believe Why even pick the gun back up after you put it down and on top of that why did you feel the need to test it you obviously don't have to answer these questions as i really don't need to know someone else has already judged you so i Don't need to, and I Guess the Police that arrested had the same questions.
    With all of these Police Involved shooting being the big thing on the news the LAST thing Police departments are going to want to do is Allow Felon's to Join the Force.. I Would hope that People who are Smart enough to be Cops, would be Smart enough to Stay away from getting a Felony no matter what it is, it is what it is for a reason.
    Like i Said im not Judging you. Someone else already has (A Judge or Jury), You could be a cool guy. But You've made your bed and you gotta lay in it, Just like everyone else that was in your position before you.. 
    I Would like to help out but I just cant get behind something with this many holes in it.. because i Do NOT support real Felons in any way what so ever.. 
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to OfficerArchie in Check your keys   
    When you 'trigger' your mic to talk it is known as 'keying', so an open key means someone has left their mic open (on) so everyone on that net will hear every little piece of background noise and chatter from that open mic. It is bad juju to leave your mic open on the channel and someone will get a good talking to from their watch commander when they get back to the station.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from iPayforyourEBT in All New Road Textures [WIP]   
    These textures look great. I hate to be that guy, but am I the only one being thrown for a loop by all of the solid yellow lines outlining the roads? I'm not sure about other countries, but as far as I understand it here in America, yellow lines are almost always on the left of whichever way you're driving to signify a change in travel direction in the other lane. White lines signify that the other lane is in the same travel direction. So, right-hand shoulders and edges of roadways are separated by a solid white line. See attached images for reference.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to MichaelV in Eat Your Boogers! They're Good For You!   
    You should check your other head.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from OfficerMonroe in Felons   
    This reminds me of an article I read awhile back that you might find worth a look:
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from Olanov in Felons   
    This reminds me of an article I read awhile back that you might find worth a look:
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from Will1 in NiTr0 SHoK's WIP/REL Thread   
    Well that was nothing short of extremely condescending.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from trewq34 in NiTr0 SHoK's WIP/REL Thread   
    Well that was nothing short of extremely condescending.
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    NiTr0 SHoK got a reaction from Illusionyary in NiTr0 SHoK's WIP/REL Thread   
    Well that was nothing short of extremely condescending.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to c13 in The Knockout Game   
    It's a description. While he could've worded it better, he's not saying all black people are doing this, but that in all cases of people playing the knockout game, the perpetrators were black, therefore it is logical to draw the conclusion that a majority of perpetrators playing this racist "game" would be black. That's a statistic.
    Had this been all white youth doing this to black people, then this would be screamed about in the national media, specifically the white on black racist violence (Remember "White-Hispanic" being constantly repeated?).
    Calling me racist for pointing this out is an illogical ad hominem statement that fails to disprove what I said.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to cp702 in What Lcpd:fr Police Clan Would You Like To See?   
    I'm sure you weren't trying to point to the giant clan ad in your signature, because c13 specifically said "no clan ads". I'm sure the three-pronged thing was just a typo on your part, and not an arrow pointing to the oversized text. I'm sure you'll remove it now that I've alerted you to the typo, so that others don't think you're pointing out your own clan. Because if you decided to try to use stupid tricks to shoehorn a clan ad into this thread, then I'd have to take action.

    Do I make myself clear?
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to XBR410 in Why no Ford Excursions out on the model list?   
    I've been thinking about doing an excursion for my first conversion.. now that I know people want it I definitely will once I finish my other projects
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to CRAWFORDx96 in Euro Truck Simulator 2   
    That has happened to me as well. When the say simulation, they aren't kidding when you're doing 55 mph into a Peugeot and yelling, "Oh for God's sakes! Not again!"
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to Harper in Euro Truck Simulator 2   
    This is one of the few games where I've almost fallen asleep whilst playing, the sound of the rain tapping against the windscreen of the cab as you drive through a quiet country road at night with headphones on to amplify the sound has actually caused me to almost fall asleep only to be suddenly woken up by my virtual truck swerving into oncoming traffic
    So yeah, its pretty relaxing.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to JSDGraphics in Local Law Enforcement Agency/Local Police Force   
    That charger looks bad as hell 
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to IRONNOOB in Police cars problem   
    Whats ELS?
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to Harper in Congratulations LCPD:FR on 4 years!   
    True, my ex-girlfriend had the infamous glitch where she'd cheat on me then blame me. Horrible bug, reported it to the developers many times but they didn't seem to care.
    That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for making me laugh.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to Rocking_Star101 in Congratulations LCPD:FR on 4 years!   
    Congrats to everyone on the LCPD:FR team.
    I'm sure we'll make it until 10 years, but during that time LSPD:FR!!   (FYI, that's GTA:V LSPD:FR)
    ooh goody, I love me some treats!
    What? eww, no, please don't!
    Who said it's a good game? It sucks, both the versions "Outside" & "Real Life" (although to be honest, there's no difference between them, it's just making money out of the same game).
    90% of NPCs are coded wrong, it takes forever to level up, some items have ridiculous prices, there's no revert to save or different save files, you only get 1 life..... need I go on???
    The only thing that's nice is the graphics.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to Original Light in good news everyone   
    Oh man, I can't wait!
    Really, I was expecting to see something like "GTA V Announced for PC" based on the title.
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    NiTr0 SHoK reacted to Break in good news everyone   
    Amazing. That's what everyone was waiting for. Yaaaay.
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