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  1. British Officer

    Ultimate British Police Pack

    Works perfectly!
  2. British Officer

    Ultimate British Police Pack

    Hahaha... True :D Thank you for the video. New update coming soon with 2 new vehicles. Add this link to the description: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ultimate-british-police-pack-1-british-officer In here all the 2 packs are joined together.
  3. British Officer

    Ultimate British Police Pack

    Version 1.3


    ULTIMATE BRITISH POLICE PACK - Get all your police vehicles replaced! Are you tired of crashing and ruining your game while installing police mod? Have you lost your mood to play GTA 5 because the mods ain't working as they should be? Well, I have a solution! Fast one click installation because all the files are converted to .OIV package installer. It means that you can install everything with OpenIV package installer. If you install everything, then I will guarantee you that sirens, lights, textures and handling are working 100%. Pack contains following (15) police vehicles: + Police -> Audi S4 + Police2 -> BMW 530D (saloon) + Police3 -> Opel-Vauxhall Insignia + Police4 -> Volvo V70 + FBI -> BMW 330D + Sheriff -> BMW 530D (touring) + Sheriff2 -> Škoda Octavia + Policet -> Opel-Vauxhall Vivaro + Pranger -> Rand Rover Vouge + Policeb -> Hakuchou Bike + Riot -> Riot Lenco Bearcat + FBI2 -> BMW X5 + Firetruk -> Lancashire Fire & Rescue (extra) + Polmav -> Met Police Eurocopter (extra) + Ambulance -> Mercedes Sprinter Ambulance (extra) Files included: Ultimate British police pack.oiv - package installer Credits.txt Installation guide.txt Changelog.txt License.txt How to install: https://youtu.be/VQR-xnXkc4E?t=21s Credits: This package would not have born if these modders haven't dedicated so much of their time to creating these perfect looking vehicles. I take NO CREDIT for the vehicle model(s). Special thanks to: Double Doppler, peng00820, BritishGamer88, Rockstar Games, Dennis, Lucozade010, Humber3D, ChrisR, Tim, Andy Fenner, nicks0112, Vertex, Mathew Cammack, Luke Brazier, Bxbugs123, Forza, Sean Park, yellow1441, dolmat dmitry, 3dwarehouse, 3dgarage.ru, LtCaine, Jayone, Marco Clever, Alabassiry, PriMan, Bleep911, URM, Arkviz, Forza Motorsport, British Officer, ScottehBoyy, WorldMC, CArcher86, ChrisTuffur, Luke Brazier, EA, Cosmo, Yard1, Sgt. Kanyo, WarStrikeWolf117, c13, Lundy, EVI, LeoAllTheWay and Sergiyj. Happy hunting officers! Notify me if you discover any bugs. Changelog: Version: 1.3 - Edited "Credits.txt" and "Installation guide.txt" information files. - Added "Riot Lenco Bearcat". - Created "License.txt". Version: 1.2 - Updated "Credits.txt" and "Installation guide.txt". - Added "Lancashire Fire & Rescue" firetruck. - Added "Met Police Eurocopter" polmav. Version: 1.1 - Compressed all cars together. - Created one big file "Ultimate British police pack 1.oiv". - Removed screenshots. - Deleted folders what are not needed. - Edited "Credits.txt" and "Installation guide.txt" information files. - Created "Changelog.txt" Version: 1.0 - Created "Package installer (.oiv) files" folder. - Created "Required extra files" folder. - Created "Credits.txt" and "Installation guide.txt" information files. - Created file "Required extra files.oiv" - Added cars separately from each other - Added "BMW 330D". - Added "Audi S4". - Added "BMW 530D (touring)". - Added "BMW 530D (saloon)". - Added "Opel-Vauxhall Insiginia". - Added "Volvo V70". - Added "Škoda Octavia". - Added "Opel-Vauxhall Vivaro". - Added "Rand Rover Vouge". - Added "Hakuchou Bike". - Added "Riot". - Added "BMW X5".