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  1. Venixlux

    What enb can my GPU bear?

    I wasn't able to find DarkEnb, but I was able to use CryEnb v1 on pretty high settings with no real issues. I actually kind of like it more than game4video.
  2. Venixlux

    What enb can my GPU bear?

    I'm running a 560 and use >Game4Video with no problems whatsoever. That being said, I also run an i7, so your processor is most likely bottlenecking your GPU as stated above.
  3. Ah yes. As mentioned above, I've decided to abandon vpCallouts in pursuit of other scripts and challenges that I can take my time on and not completely kill like I did this one. In the future I may release a newer, updated callout script to work with 1.0 but at this time I've moved on to other projects. Thank you to everyone who downloaded the mod, and I apologize that it took me this long to come to this conclusion. You're all wonderful and I look forward to releasing new and improved scripts in the future!
  4. Venixlux

    What are the standard callouts added by LCPDFR?

    As I figured, it's somewhere obvious- the download page. Thanks for the assist! Thanks guys!
  5. As usual, I apologize if this is in the wrong thread. With winter here and work slowing down, I've decided to dive back into GTAIV modding and start using the 1.0API to rewrite my script. Before I do that however, I want to make sure I'm not reinventing the wheel or creating double callouts. So. Can anyone tell me if there exists a list of all the calltypes that LCPDFR has by default? I'd like to make NEW calls, rather than remaking things that the script already has premade(unless they can be disabled/replaced). I did a little bit of digging, but not much. So I apologize if I've missed it somewhere obvious. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the offers to test, guys! I'll keep them in mind as I do want to start getting testers for my various mods. K-9 I'm actually glad you asked as I have good news! I just ordered my new PSU for my computer which means I'll be back up and running sometime next week, and I should have vpCallouts updated within a week after that. I'm actually planning in rewriting some of the base code to make it more stable and allow it to interact with my other scripts I have planned. Thanks for the patience and interest guys, I know its been a while but things are getting back on track! Expect regular updates as soon as my mail comes in.
  7. Unfortunately my computer is broken at the moment, so I'm not sure when I'll be updating the script. I'm hoping to have my PC fixed as soon as I can raise enough money to get a replacement PSU, but until then there isn't much I can do. I'm aware of the issues with 1.0 and I'll look into them as soon as I can. Sorry about that. Thanks for the feedback! Like I mentioned above my PC is broken so I won't be doing any updates until I'm able to fix it(none of the other computers in this house can run GTAIV for testing so..). However I have heard from quite a few people that 1.0 isn't too stable at the moment, so I've been debating the idea of continuing development as a standalone mod, as well as having an API version. This would allow people who don't use 1.0 to continue using updated versions of vpcallouts, as well as letting those who do use it have a more optimized version of the mod. The downside of this being the non-API version may have more bugs and take longer to update, as everything is done manually as opposed to using LCPDFR(the script crashing on spawning vehicles is an example of this.) I'll post back here with my decision on this once I get my computer fixed and update to 1.2- until then, I'm afraid the script is going to be stuck in it's glitchy state at 1.1. I'm not happy about it, but there's not much else I can do without having a team of dedicated testers or a PC capable of running IV. Sorry all!
  8. Ah, the most basic of solutions and I didn't even think of it. That's awesome- I doubt I can open much of anything on an iPad, but the documentation will make things much easier in the future.
  9. That sounds incredible. As soon as I get my PC running I'm going to be trying out 1.0- from what I understand(and it makes perfect sense) there are some stability issues, so hopefully by time I'm back up and running it'll be more useable by the general population. Given what you've just said, if I'm understanding correctly, I'm now debating rewriting the base code of vpCallouts and changing all the callouts to run off of the API- which would be a huge help as it means I get to spend less time dealing with rookie mistakes, and more time adding new calls. Just out of curiosity, haven't done much digging yet, is there any documentation available for the API yet? If there is I'd love to take a look at it, and if there isn't I'd probably look into writing a some documentation/tutorials- I'd been meaning to write some basic scripthook tutorials here anyway. Thanks for the response, cp702, you've definitely convinced me to look into integration- perhaps even a full rewrite to take full advantage of LCPDFR 1.0.
  10. Venixlux

    Going Back to 0.95rc2

    I haven't yet had the chance to play with 1.0 yet, as my computer is dead, but I feel like it's worth chiming in: Keep in mind that GTAIV has always been, and will continue to be, an absolute bastard when it comes to mods. Even something as simple as installing a car can completely and entirely flip your game on its head, so when it comes to scripting it's even more of a blast to deal with. When it comes to mods that hugely change the game and add a bunch of content, it's worth noting that, as someone stated earlier, a lot changes when you have a few people testing compared to a few thousand. Also consider that everyones PC handles things differently with the game for a variety of different reasons- what may work perfectly fine on my PC, may completely and entirely fry someone elses. I have no doubt that LCPDFR 1.0 has its issues, and that there are quite a few bugs that slipped through testing, but at the same time we should all keep in mind this is a rather large update and bugs were to be expected. Let's just keep faith in the dev team knowing that they'll probably be working like mad to fix the bugs people are reporting, it's just a matter of being patient. Let's keep these things in mind and remember that the testing team isn't that big and they do have lives of their own- unlike large companies LCPDFR testers aren't working 40 hours a week simply testing the script. I'm sure they test it when they can and I'm sure things get missed. Regardless. I think we should all be thanking the team for the work they do(for free, I might add), and continue to hope they provide us with excellent mods like LCPDFR and continue to improve the script as time goes on. I'm confident that, with enough work and the huge community present here providing them with bug reports and feedback, 1.0 can evolve into something truly extraordinary.
  11. Alrighty. Firstly, let me apologize for my lack of activity in the past week. I, like many others, was swamped with holiday stuff and I'm also planning a big move to another province, so I've been a little distracted. At the moment I'm writing this from an ipad, so I'm not going to be able to respond to each individual post as I usually do- just know that I have read them all and I'm keeping track of what issues are being reported. Secondly, thank you to everytone who is providing feedback and huge thanks to those who are sending in logs. The issues I'm seeing tend to be the same for the most part (call to object that doesnt exist anymore), and I think I know what's causing it. So, with that in mind, I have a bit of good news, some better news, and some bad news. The bad news, is that my computer crashed. It's either the mobo or the PSU, but one of them is shot and I haven't had time to figure out exactly which it is, yet. As mentioned before I'm moving shortly so I won't be able to order in new parts/repair them until sometime between mid January and late February. Unfortunately this means that I wont be able to work on the code until that time(unless I can throw together something that'll let me write code, but I'll have to get friends to test it.. perhaps I should look at a testing group in the future), so progress on bugfixes is on hold for a month or so. As soon as I get back up and running I'll be working on fixing these bugs and finishing up the next set of calls, so expect an update sometime next month or in February. Sorry guys. The good news, is that I was working on the code and may have come up with some solutions to the massive number of bugs introduced in 1.1, so hopefully the majority of the bugs have already been fixed and I only have a few more to tweak(I wasn't able to test before the system went down). Like I said, I'm making note of everyone that posts here and on the mod itself, so your problems are reaching me and I assure you I will do whatever I can to fix them as soon as I am able. The better news, is that I'm 99% positive that whatever issue is plaguing my PC hasn't affected the hard drive. The machine simply wont turn on, which leads me to believe it's either the PSU or the mobo. It was shut down properly last I used it, and the next morning it wouldn't boot or do anything at all, so I'm operating on the assumption that the data on the harddrive is still good. Even if it isn't, I've got backups on google drive and dropbox, as well as on a flash drive so I haven't lost any of the code and development can continue asap. Beyond that, I'm excited to see LCPDFR 1.0 is now released, however I'm a tad bit disappointed my computer is dead and therefore I won't be using it for a while. Once I'm back up and release 1.2, I'm going to tinker with 1.0 and see how it works as well as if the API is working. If so, I may be rewriting some of vpCallouts to behave better with LCPDFR, so that's something to look forward to as well. Once again I'm sorry for the lack of activity and that my computer decided to die. I hope to get it fixed once I've moved and resume development as soon as I can. Thanks once more for the feedback and bug reports, guys! It's still nice to know people appreciate my work and it's super helpful having error logs to pinpoint specific crashes.
  12. Well now! I certainly didn't expect to find all this when I got home.. Hm.. that's odd. Are you using the latest version of the scripthook? I'm not entirely sure what would cause it to crash to desktop as I've never actually encountered that myself.. I'll do some research and see if I can find out why but at the moment I'm not entirely sure how to fix the CTD if my script is causing it, I'm so sorry!
  13. Cancelling a call is as simple as just hitting the onDuty key while you're not in the area- it doesn't spawn until the yellow blip disappears and the red one does. As for welfare checks.. they're meant to be checking on someone to make sure they're okay. If they're alive then you can go about your business, nothing is wrong just leave them be. If they're dead, then call an ambulance. And the script shouldn't be touching traffic at all.. not sure why you'd be having issues with it
  14. Is it all calls? Or just certain ones in particular?
  15. It's definitely possible, but the idea with having to push the button again is for those who like to go more in depth and roleplay their calls- something that's more difficult to complete when the callouts automatically are marked as complete. As I go along I'm also hoping to add more extra things to scenes that may go unnoticed or may start a whole chain of events.. so I decided to require the hotkey be pressed again so that the user has full control over when they deem a call complete and determine when they'd like to be available for more calls.