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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Officer King in Do I need to finish Campaign to play LCPDFR?   
    Simple answer : Nope..Just start the script by pressing Alt + P
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    LawfulDev reacted to TaylorSwift in 2016 Florida Highway Patrol Pack   
    It's practically been released through my discord like I've been mentioning, I've given almost everyone who has asked,  the beta testing role on my server which gives you access to most of my cars. 
    Currently I'm not home due to a mandatory evacuation, along with 6 million more residents of Florida. So as for an official release, I can't see one happening now, as I'm still not certain I'll return to a standing home. 
    I haven't released the cars on lcpdfr because of the painstaking process of credits and bitching that occurs over small bugs, so I'm trying to perfect everything on my cars, from LOD's to minute details for accuracy so I don't get torn a new one by someone in the reviews stating that I'm an awful modeler when they have never touched zmod themselves. 
    I haven't given up on the pack, I haven't stopped production of models in the slightest, but I'm busy trying to set myself up for an actual career in law enforcement, and dealing with other personal stuff in my life. If you'd like to use the cars now, feel free to join the discord and tag me. I understand the frustration, I did advertise these models for a year, but it's not like I'm hiding them in some deep cellar that is my modding folder, I just don't feel comfortable with an official release. 
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from TheOfficerMatt in Any good, cheap gaming laptops?   
    Under 500? Probably not going to happen for a gaming laptop with the ability to run GTAV (at least well enough for LSPDFR). I would save some more and then you may have a few solid choices. I would look into desktop PCs but even then they'll (most likely) be more than 500.
    Best of Luck,
    PS: I'm not a PC expert and anything I said should be taken with a grain of salt...
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    LawfulDev reacted to Kane104 in My WIP thread.   
    The rights holder, yes. The creator of the 3d model in question? No.

    Content creators in communities like these thrive on credit, as those of us that scratch model cars and any model in general expect credit for our efforts. In the same breath, I ask why else would we credit companies such as Ubisoft, EA, etc. for models used from their games? Its just a matter of practicing good morals and respect.

    @Him1250 You could've PM'd him instead of taking his thread off-topic.
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    LawfulDev reacted to 585ny14603 in TmBB101s Mod Showcase Videos   
    I wonder what your favorite song is...
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Pavy in Remove phone popup and minimap enlargement?   
    There are several files for this including THIS one.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from PNWParksFan in Best cheap Computers? help   
    There are but they wont be able to run LSPDFR/GTAV. I believe the cheapest you can get a computer (that can run GTAV/LSPDFR) on minimum settings is around 600-800 bucks. I'm sure there are others who know a bit more though.
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    LawfulDev reacted to willpv23 in AST Police 10-13   
    This topic has been closed by LCPDFR.com staff because it is a website, clan, or group ad. Our site isn't an advertising service - please do not use it as one. If you want to share your website, group, or clan, please keep that limited to your profile and signature.
    If you feel that this topic has been closed in error, please report this post.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Albo1125 in LSPDFR+ Showcase | Albo1125   
    Very Awesome! Looking forward to it!
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from EvilJackCarver in Creating your own DLC to replace cars   
    If you set you DLC up correctly (the content.xml and all that jazz) and make sure to put the name of your DLC in the dlclist file, it should override the older DLCs. I believe the rule is the DLCs on the bottom of the dlclist file are newest.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from SOLDI3RFX in DevinTheShepards Videos   
    My name is DevinTheShepard and I've been putting a ton of work into some of my YouTube videos recently. If you're interested here is my latest LSPDFR video.
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    LawfulDev reacted to HBengtson in DevinTheShepards Videos   
    Looks good!
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    LawfulDev reacted to Bread in Your client IP address or network is blocked from the G17 Media network.   
    I don't think he was trying to say that the company was attacking the site directly, rather that the attack was coming from them because the attack was from their customers.
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    LawfulDev reacted to Fiskey111 in Your client IP address or network is blocked from the G17 Media network.   
    Ahhh gotcha, haha.  I was really confused as to why a telecommunications company was attacking LCPDFR.com......   That makes much more sense, thanks!
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Fiskey111 in Your client IP address or network is blocked from the G17 Media network.   
    Its most likely not the company themselves but one of the customers who is attacking the site. Cyan wants them to shut down that customer who is committing the abuse. 
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from 1supermiguel in Are Single Player GTA Games a Dying Breed?   
    I believe games that don't have single player functionality are limited, especially when talking about modding possibilities and choices. Ever since GTA IV, modding has been the only thing to get me to buy the $20.00 (atleast two times, one on steam & another disk version). Not to mention the fact that on most servers mods or modifying the game is considered hacking even if not for malicious purposes. So in the end, I will probably never buy a GTA game that has no single player functionality. 
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Starmix in THIS... THIS IS WHAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR. THE BIG ONE. THE CHOSEN ONE.   
    All I've seen yet is promises and 3D renders which are probably found online.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Century in Vehicle Modding Question   
    As DLCs update certain cars the ones in the old dlcs continue to stay there wasting space. So depending on which DLC made changes to that car last, change where you need to put it...
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from LtCarman in New Human Species Discovered   
    Interesting! Nice to see something not police related for once.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from Janis28 in SWAT MOD   
    Unless the author left source code updating the script to operate would be imposssible. Even with the script code you'd need a lot of experience to simply move a s script to
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    LawfulDev reacted to JFavignano in GTA V Modded Vehicles   
    Yes I am one of those lucky enough to be approached to alpha test a CVPI. I had a long chat with them before doing so because I don't believe in people flaunting a mod that no one can have, it pisses me off when people do it and I would never want that for my subscriber base and community. I explained how model locking is a power ego trip and it ruins what the community is all about, they assured me they were on the same opinion about it so I agreed to show it in my video. I will NOT support the work of modders that decide to act like children with the notion they own the 3d model of a car they never took the hours to create. I get that zmodeler isn't for everyone and I just don't have the time to learn it all, that is why I am so grateful for the ones that do take that time and create beautiful mods for GTA. I also understand it takes a long time to convert models, I am not hating on that at all but the audacity to keep showing off mods without the intent of releasing until locking is available is just down right low and it shows their character.
    I appreciate all of you that said kind things about my character, I always will put my ass on the line for something I believe in. Keep being awesome.
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    LawfulDev reacted to JFavignano in GTA V Modded Vehicles   
    Yeah I am pretty much done with it all, it's high school drama to me and I just wanted to voice my opinion and be a part of the community in the light. I will go back to the shadows and be a lurker again. Glad to know there are some respectable people around here still, I truly admire that.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from vynlthrash in LawfulTeens GTAV Video Thread   
    I sure will be! Make sure to subscribe if your looking forward to more content! Aswell to check back to thisthread often!
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from vynlthrash in LawfulTeens GTAV Video Thread   
    First GTAV Releases Video Titled "2014 Police Impala"
    Third GTAV Police Related Short Video Titled "Pursuit in Progress"
    Second GTAV Police Related Short Video Titled "Sheriff Responding to Shooting"
    First GTAV Police Related Short Video Titled "Ambushed"
    First LSPDFR Video Titled "High Speed Pursuit"
    Note: I will be editing this post instead of posting a new post or creating a new thread for every video.
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    LawfulDev got a reaction from gangrenn in [WIP] Rescue Mod V (FD, EMS, LifeGuard)   
    Im looking forward to this!