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    BLUE video series

    Check out my newest video series on the LawfulDev YouTube Channel! This is one of my different takes on creating an LSPDFR video, it's in a bit of a rough stage right now but I wanna know what you guys/gals think.
  2. LawfulDev

    Time for the bike

    From the album: LawfulDev's Patrol

  3. LawfulDev

    Taser Deployed

    From the album: LawfulDev's Patrol

  4. LawfulDev


    From the album: LawfulDev's Patrol

  5. LawfulDev

    LawfulDev's Patrol

  6. @yoep Hey...I have a razer cynosa chroma. When I try to activate the lighting nothing happens but it does say the SDK is loaded. I try to play an effect and it says my keyboard isn't able to be located.
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    LawfulTeen on Patrol

  8. LawfulDev

    Port Police

    From the album: LawfulTeen on Patrol

    Checkout my latest video on my YouTube Channel. Link is on my profile!
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    LSPDFR & OCRP Patrol Videos

    Thanks for being so helpful guys/gals!
  10. LawfulDev

    LSPDFR & OCRP Patrol Videos

    Hey! Come checkout my LSPDFR & OCRP Content! I uploaded every other day and make a heck of a time recording these for people to enjoy. I take any video suggestions!
  11. LawfulDev

    Releasing Soon!

    Take the extra two minutes and look at their profile. https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/19765-blaine-county-sheriff-office-pack/?tab=comments#comment-176820
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    Paleto Police

    From the album: LawfulTeen on Patrol

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    From the album: LawfulTeen on Patrol

  14. Version 1.0.0


    Brief Description Hello! I spent a good amount of time on this pack and thought that some members of the community could enjoy it. Rather then my work going to waste and sitting on a hard drive forever. This pack is based off of the Green Bay Metro Fire Department but there are a few differences. Vehicles Used Fire Engine 2015 Tahoe & Red Light Textures Ambulance If new fire vehicles do come out, I may consider expanding the pack Rules/Guidelines - Please respect my work - Please do not use my work in clans/groups - Please do not edit or use any part of my work without asking Conclusion Thank you for checking out my file and I hope you considered downloading it.
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    Tablet background for Computer+ (generic.jpg)

    You need jesus...
  16. LawfulDev

    CAD Site/RP Site

    It has been done but not very well. If you need any help or have questions feel free to PM me.
  17. LawfulDev

    Community Service

    I love the concept of CSOs but man can I never get it to seem realistic with the hectic city of Los Santos.
  18. Hey, I'm looking for a good visual mod to use in my YouTube videos. I figured you guys would know the best around. What is your favorite visual setting mod?
  19. LawfulDev

    Late Night Response

    From the album: TmBB101s Patrol Album

  20. LawfulDev

    High Priority

    From the album: TmBB101s Patrol Album

  21. LawfulDev

    Unit 2984 Responding

    From the album: TmBB101s Patrol Album

  22. LawfulDev

    High Risk

    From the album: DevinTheShepard

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  24. LawfulDev

    Dat Tahoe

    From the album: DevinTheShepard

    Hey guys!