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  1. LawfulDev

    BLUE video series

    Check out my newest video series on the LawfulDev YouTube Channel! This is one of my different takes on creating an LSPDFR video, it's in a bit of a rough stage right now but I wanna know what you guys/gals think.
  2. LawfulDev

    LawfulDev's Patrol

  3. @yoep Hey...I have a razer cynosa chroma. When I try to activate the lighting nothing happens but it does say the SDK is loaded. I try to play an effect and it says my keyboard isn't able to be located.
  4. LawfulDev

    LawfulTeen on Patrol

  5. LawfulDev

    LSPDFR & OCRP Patrol Videos

    Thanks for being so helpful guys/gals!
  6. LawfulDev

    LSPDFR & OCRP Patrol Videos

    Hey! Come checkout my LSPDFR & OCRP Content! I uploaded every other day and make a heck of a time recording these for people to enjoy. I take any video suggestions!
  7. LawfulDev

    CAD Site/RP Site

    It has been done but not very well. If you need any help or have questions feel free to PM me.
  8. Hey, I'm looking for a good visual mod to use in my YouTube videos. I figured you guys would know the best around. What is your favorite visual setting mod?
  9. LawfulDev


  10. LawfulDev

    DevinTheShepards Videos

  11. LawfulDev

    DevinTheShepards Videos

  12. LawfulDev

    DevinTheShepards Videos

    Latest LSPDFR Video. Featuring a Highway Patrol Motorcycle.
  13. LawfulDev

    Any good, cheap gaming laptops?

    Hey, Under 500? Probably not going to happen for a gaming laptop with the ability to run GTAV (at least well enough for LSPDFR). I would save some more and then you may have a few solid choices. I would look into desktop PCs but even then they'll (most likely) be more than 500. Best of Luck, PS: I'm not a PC expert and anything I said should be taken with a grain of salt...
  14. LawfulDev

    My WIP thread.

    Well Whelen Engineering Co. is the company that designs and manufacturers the liberty....?