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    Whiskey68 reacted to DemNinjas' in [WIP][REL]PoliceToolbox 2 - A new era for policing   
    I think you're not the only one >_<
    I must admit the first release was complete chaos, but hopefully this update will make everybody forget about it :)
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    Whiskey68 reacted to FinKone in [WIP][REL][UPDATED 08/AUG/2015] Police Radio [Tow, Coroner, PlateChecker, Pit Request, Tackle Suspect... and probably more...]   
    Np.  I hope it works.  Always start with a simple solution - and once you re-download, IF you have the disk space, make a backup of the stock game with no mods.  Do this this using steam just make a direct copy - you can maintain two copies then, one for single player use, and one for multiplayer thats un-altered.  When you want to go online just name it to the main folder, and name the other one slightly different.  And vice-versa for swaping back and forth.
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    Whiskey68 reacted to LukeD in Little to no callouts   
    The busy state is a known issue and they're working on a fix for it, basically the toggle busy state is backwards meaning:
    Busy = Yes, receive callouts
    Not Busy = No, don't receive callouts
    I would check the .ini file because you may have installed the mod with the default state being not to receive callouts, so when you appear on duty you are by default busy and so wont receive callouts.
    As for the lack of callouts you can adjust this in the .ini file, there is 3 lines in there near the top which should say something like:
    minTimeBetweenCallouts = 60
    calloutMultiplier = 250
    maxTimeBetweenCallouts = 120
    Something like that anyway, I don't have my install handy to check them :P
    Basically if you adjust the minimum time and maximum time it will alter the times between callouts, so if you lower the maximum one you will get more callouts closer together (because you lower the range available) and if you make the multiplier higher it will increase the number of callouts possible.
    Hope this helps.
    (for other experienced users, if I have gotten the .ini file names wrong correct me please, I'm on my laptop so have no way of checking if they're right)
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    Whiskey68 reacted to WBRPDProductions in WBRPD Productions Official Thread [W.I.P.]   
    Still hard at work. How's that? Lol.
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    Whiskey68 got a reaction from WBRPDProductions in WBRPD Productions Official Thread [W.I.P.]   
    Re :first post
    first off... keep up the amazing work and thanks for involving the community in your decisions. I would prefer something that looks different. would you be willing to do something similar to what toronto or new york has?
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    Whiskey68 reacted to Braveheart in Braveheart's Policing Script [23/11/2012: 2.0 BETA released!]   
    Looking at Friday 10th August for the release.
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    Whiskey68 reacted to Braveheart in Braveheart's Policing Script [23/11/2012: 2.0 BETA released!]   
    23/11/2012 2.0 BETA released!

    ?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>

    13/11/2012 New video: Pursuit of a wanted person:

    I have put together another short video of the new version, this time showing off one of the new incidents which is a wanted suspect who has been traced near by. I accepted this call whilst dealing with another incident as explained in the video which is why I had to drive for quite some time to catch up with them, most of which was removed from the video.



    11/08/2012 BETA released!:- http://www.lcpdfr.co...olicing-script/

    I present to you, a video (below) demonstrating a script I've been working on for a while now which will compliment policing in LCPD:FR. I call it the Policing Script (I'm great with names, I know). A list of current features follows:

    Roads Policing features
    Stop vehicles (other vehicles will not attempt to overtake) Wave single stopped vehicles on or allow all stopped vehicles to move Breathalyser with either a UK or US setting (if someone's over the limit, there's a chance they'll try to flee) Order a person to step out of their vehicle (there's a chance they'll refuse, try to drive off or try to run away) Order a person to return to their vehicle and resume their journey General Policing features

    Order a person to leave the area (there's a chance they'll refuse) Breathalyse on foot Resist Arrest If you turn this on there's a chance persons you attempt to effect an arrest on will resist (lash out at you) or flee (still needs work). Aiming at a person or trying to use the E arrest will trigger this. There's a few in-game voices and animations included in this too.
    Extra incidents If you turn this on random events will be produced for you to police, including:
    Persons suspected of having guns or knives (which can escalate into a shots fired/stabbing incident) Robbery and Armed Robbery Injured Persons (The longer you take to respond, the more likely they'll die if they've been seriously injured) Disturbances (fights, drunkards and so forth) Vehicles on fire Road Traffic Accidents involving one or multiple vehicles Stolen vehicles Suspicious persons and vehicles Assistance calls from other cops And many more!
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    Whiskey68 got a reaction from HulaRula in PolPatriot - Error loading model   
    Im am simply a humble user who has no tech support background at all. With that said, I found I was having this problem as well. After doing a bit of searching I found that in the .ini my PreloadAllModels = False. When I changed it to ture, I seem to have no problems spawning any car now. All my cars are ELS and my computer is not the greatest. See what your .ini says. I hope this was helpful.....
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