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  1. olddutch7

    Vapid Contender - BC Medical Examiner

    That is awesome! Love it. Now lets try it in game haha
  2. olddutch7

    LSPD PACK (Pensacola Police Mock) [ELS]

    You should tell me to! haha
  3. Has anyone found that since the new update of On Scene (V1.3), backup no longer parks behind your vehicle when you have the parameter set to "yes" in the ini? Update - Since I've continued to play since this post, I have found that it more frequently parks behind my vehicle when I request backup.
  4. olddutch7

    LSPDFR Computer+ Report Viewer

    This is awesome!!!!! Thanks :)
  5. Great plugin and it has been working great! It would be cool for a way to dismiss the officer. I don’t like how after you arrest someone, the officer quickly drives away. It would be neat if they stayed on scene until you dismiss them.
  6. Very neat plugin and easy to set up. I was hoping for a little help. I have it working in game, and it works on about two vehicles. Once I run the third vehicle, my entire game crashes to desktop. Any idea why? I've browsed through some comments and didn't find anything...
  7. olddutch7

    CP Rail Explorer

    Nice to see skins like this around :)
  8. olddutch7

    Using a controller?

    I use an Xbox 360 controller, and it worked for Windows 7. I at first started using a corded one which I am sure you can buy cheap. I then purchased a wireless one that was compatible with the computer, but it was a bit pricey.
  9. There are tons of really nice models that are not ELS. Only the newly released content is ELS. Lots of the new vehicle released are also released with non ELS lightbars. To find them you just need to go through a few pages first in the model section. Maybe try past like page 10 or so.
  10. olddutch7

    ELS uninstall

    It sounds like you are trying to use ELS vehicles without ELS. Which vehicles are you downloading? I don't think you can use ELS vehicles without ELS.
  11. olddutch7

    Blaine County Sheriff FPIU (Orange County)

    This still has to be my favourite FPIU. You should add multiple livery's to the model though :D
  12. It is probably Radiance V: Make sure you Post FX settings are on high as well.
  13. olddutch7

    Horrible Framerate when on-duty

    Sorry didn't mean to hi-jack the post. I just wanted to mention that DCP was not alone.
  14. olddutch7

    Horrible Framerate when on-duty

    I lowered my setting considerably and yes, it still lags. Before the update that made it go down hill, I would run the game on max settings with no problems at all.