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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience   
    You'll see why shortly 😉
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to MIMIKU in [WIP]Better LAPD uniforms-on EUP   
    I'm making something new. I personally like the LAPD, but because many of the current LAPD models don't meet my needs, I decided to do the LAPD myself.
    He was given a random name. NEW LAPD EUP

    I made short sleeves for summer, training suits and winter coats.
    Here are some previews:

    I made responsive equipment for the uniforms.
    The name above is because this EUP set has been tested in my FIVEM server. It may change after it is officially released.

    This EUP set contains many contents I am still making, such as the new bodyCAM

    Because some people in China steal other people's works and sell them for money, and there is nothing I can do about it. So this EUP set won't be released anytime soon.
    But I hope you understand and like it.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from officeri in 2005 Impala 21TR   
    Vehicle model request.
    2000-2005 Chevy Impala with 21TR (unmarked or removable optional)
    With working spotlight, take downs, alley lights, 
    prisoner partition.
    computer and radio equipment (optional)
    Rambar (optional)
    The same as this chicago car, if you make it have red and blue lights i wont complain as i'll switch them to all blue myself, but if you did both variants im sure some people would enjoy the red and blue.
    Hopefully someone will consider this, there were SEVERAL in GTA IV, not sure how it would be so hard to port one of those models to V. anyways...

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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from Delta1848 in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Keep up the hard work, most of us do appreciate it!!!
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Trooper Keaton in Illinois Service Skin Pack   
    That link goes to a timer to watch for release
    That's right the caprice is returning. In the begging the Caprice was supposed to be released in the First Illinois State Police Skin Pack but got deleted now its back in the new Illinois Service Skin Pack with two new designs made in 8K templates with one of them contains a new plates.
    Some departments that will be in this huge skin pack will be
    Illinois State Police
    Departments to be added
    Schaumburg Police
     -Aux Police
    Hoffman Estates Police
    Schaumburg Fire
    Hoffman Estates Fire
    Elite Ambulance
    Cook County Sheriff
    Release of Illinois Service Skin Pack in 8K is expected Mid to Late 2018
    Pictures will be posted here when they become available
    Thanks to @Mr.JonnhyCZG for the teaser screenshots for the new Caprice cars in the skin pack
    Picture shows vehicle in Illinois State Police

    Here is a new skin coming for the Caprice and a couple of other cars

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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Frank Matus in Random pack of cars ;)   
    Hi guys,
    So this is my first post on LSPDFR. I've been working on some cars since a bit now, it started from a standard Swift, next was a covertation from a dev version of a charger to a unmarked hellcat as i coudln't find any on the www. From that point i got more into cop cars and ambulance. You may like it, may not, i like to update these cars my way just to level up that lousy experience of mine.
    For now i would like to show my Raptor. You may like it or not, it is a remade version of mine based on the one which is already on the site but i found a bit poor quality and small atention to details.
    This is a shell for a future unmaked version, couldn't decide which els would fit so just left it as it is for now. Same goes for the rambar as i couldn't find the perfect one. Some leds added, set of licence plates, reskined the suspention etc.

    If you end up falling of a random cliff with that SVT, maybe some help would be required. You won't get that help without an ambulance.

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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to STEVETHEGAMER in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
    Now, this is what I've been waiting for, thank you for the updates
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Jeff Favignano in LSPDFR 0.4 - Announcement + First Preview   
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from Officer GILLETTE ABDI in A Niko Cop Skin   
    I was doing some cleaning on my hard drive in the downloads section.  I found the "NIKO COP" mod. I knew I had downloaded it in the past but it had been removed from the site that I got it on originally.
    However it doesn't have the original creator listed not even in the read me. So I don't want to get in trouble on here. Can I release it? I won't take credit for it, but I can't provide credit to who ever originally made it because they didn't include their self in the read me file.
    If you want it just pm me.
    Sorry for bumping an old topic I just figured someone might still want this. 
    Pic Provided Below.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Scuderio in Scuds' CA stuff   
    Want to let everybody know that the Crown Vic is about to be finished. Lightning setup is almost done.
    What needs to be done now:
    - Adjust the lightning setup a bit
    - Make the tuning parts work properly
    - refit the K9 Cage
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Lundy in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    So if you noticed, all of my current cars use coronas. I've gotten the farthest I can in terms of perfect halogen lighting. Comparing it to the common ELS style and the new ELS halogen style I went to create. Here's the difference.
    Old ELS style:

    New ELS style:

    And this isn't just for halogen lights. I'll be testing this later for LED lighting which will actually work even better if you don't use rotary lighting. This also affects the distance at which lights are rendered, making lights literally the best as they can possibly be.

    The system utilizes carcols.ymt edits which are quite simple, actually. Each siren node; 'siren1','siren2' is a steady burning light. ENV reflections are generated by which ever direction you choose along with the colouring. By placing the siren node inside an ELS extra, the siren will flash with the extra as it's toggled. This way, ELS has total control of the patterns and flashes of both the standard extra mesh and the siren corona.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Desmond98 in [WIP] LAPD/LASD/CHP FPIU (2014)   

    Just a test of current state of 3d model.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from Lundy in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    so excited for this release
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from Lundy in Lundy's sick ass gta v mods   
    so excited for this release
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to t0y in t0y's WIPs and Showroom   
    I have a BCSO pack in the works slightly based off of LASD, it has the white arjent, you can check pictures out in my gallery im really liking the progress.
    Thank you
    My Sandy Shores and BCSO packs will have Arjents. the SSPD pack is a sub department of the BCSO so they will have similar arjent setups.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from Slendis in t0y's WIPs and Showroom   
    that's correct, my mistake, i got confused.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from Gump in Gump's COBRA Tahoe V2   
    You're truly amazing!
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to alexguirre in Visible Spotlight   
    The problem is that the function that existed in GTA IV doesn't seem to exist in GTA V, and I've been trying to find a way to achieve that effect since I started developing my spotlight plugin, it either is very simple and I am overlooking it or very complex that will require reverse engineering skills that I don't have.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from HomerS in Speed Trapping/Smart AI?   
    It's either this or, it's scripted to where the ai slow down when the player is present on the side of the highway no matter what vehicle or out of the vehicle.
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from ReKraM in [CHARACTER][WIP] Enhanced Equipment   
    This is very good man!! I hope I am understanding correctly you will be adding this onto an additional opitional belt?  Is this belt going on your Enhanced LSPD Officer?  The other holster with the 1911 or what ever pistol that is looks good too, you should do the glock in this holster since it most closely resembles a safariland duty holster and thats what most LE use these days.  And make the other belt optional as well!! You're doing amazing work man!! Keep it up!!
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER got a reaction from POLICESCO in POLICESCO GTA V Wip   
    Looks nice bro!
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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to Iggy Fresh in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    Meet ACE, the K9 Sheriff Partner!

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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to officerwaller in Virginia State Police Pack   
    This topic is for my Virginia State Police Pack that I'm currently working on and to show my progress

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    SGT. DOOMSLAYER reacted to officerwaller in Virginia State Police Pack   
    This car might released really soon I just need to get the lights to function like a real Whelen Edge