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  1. Yard1

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    You can edit the .XML files to reduce the amount of vehicles and peds.
  2. You can. This is most likely a gameconfig issue.
  3. The latter, I am afraid. Plans are all we have, with no time to implement them.
  4. Ah, I honestly have no idea. Nefarious is the one to ask, I suppose.
  5. Sorry, must have missed that. Mind asking again?
  6. Yeah, story missions have uneditable scripts that spawn enemies, including cops. With so many vehicles, you may experience lack of memory (which is causing the popping). The Hunter being kinda broken is an oversight, we have already fixed that in our dev version.
  7. It is more than OK to publish your configs, we encourage that :) Glad you are enjoying the mod. It is by design that you cannot surrender on 5 stars and above. There are some stability issues, as you have most likely encountered, and those will hopefully be fixed when we have time. One particular crash is a mean bugger we don't yet know how to tackle :/
  8. The interceptor in Boilingbroke is hardcoded in an uneditable (as of now) .ysc script.
  9. It does remove them from some vehicles, in order to bring them closer to their real life counterparts.
  10. I'll admit that SSR is quite unstable at this moment - we have narrowed down some crash causes, but sadly, progress on fixing them has been very slow - with most of us (myself included) in college/university or working overtime, not much gets done.
  11. Including these ones, yeah. By dev version I mean the one that is still WIP.
  12. I have already found and fixed some textures, I cannot remember if they made it into dev version though.
  13. It's not really on purpose, more of an oversight. It will most likely be corrected in the next version, whenever that comes (nobody has time for that :/ )