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    NoahB18 reacted to sixium in High/Low Graphics Card GTA Compare Pics   
    Congrats on the new card, looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyy better
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    NoahB18 reacted to sixium in Signing out.   
    Bye toy.  You've gone from making EMS skins to making great cars in a very short amount of time.  A great accomplishment.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Not AJ in Signing out.   
    I'd have to agree with you, for the most part, t0y. Things have really changed  It's gonna change worse without you here. I hope you do make a return one day. I can't agree necessarily on the LSPDFR developers lacking on developmental efforts. However, I do agree with the rest of the portions above [yes, I meant it]. Rest well, good sir. It was a pleasure having you here.
    #RIP_t0y #t0yThatsAZero 😭✊💯🏆
    EDIT: Oh just a quick shoutout to my favorite community moderators in the past 5 years: Ryan, ineseri, and Kallus Rourke  Hope to see the two of you back! 
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    NoahB18 reacted to t0y in Signing out.   
    Hi whoever is reading this,
    So it has been a very long time coming, and I have thought about this a few times but I am finally quitting LSPDFR and probably GTA. I know you're probably wondering why did I just post a picture of a cop car I modeled then, well that was before I realized I was quitting and demotivated thanks to chapperoni for giving me a kick in the butt. There have been MANY things leading up to this decision, and of course it isn't an easy one to make ive been in the community for almost 2 years now and have enjoyed a lot of it (ish) and found new hobbies of mine like modeling and graphic design, and subsequently police cars and has directed my attention at a law enforcement career in the future (maybe, probably not though.)
    Anyway here are some reasons why I am leaving, I was going to keep this brief but really fuck that, not here to start an argument or anything either thank you to the staff for your help and im not trying to call anyone out of course just hoping this will open your eyes if you want to keep your mod alive. 
    - Toxic, toxic modding community. Not that this is necessarily the mod's fault or the general community's fault but man are the modders on this toxic. For those of you who have yet to see what goes on behind the scenes it is just full of negativity, immaturity, and constant shit talking no matter what you do. It is hard to spend money on ZM, and lord  knows the time to make models for a plugin for a video game as your hobby just to have half of the modding community tear your shit up because your lightbar is an inch too high or your antenna is curved a bit, or god forbid you dont have a cone and a bag in your trunk. 
    - Inactive and/or generally unsupportive staff team. Again not trying to call any of you out, and those active ones you know who you are and I fully support you but those who arent its not very great. I haven't seen 90% of the staff team even so much as comment on a post in a very long time, which by all means is great go have your life dont focus on some police mod for a video game, but you cant expect the community to stick around. Someone can post a shitty, obviously troll model or livery and it wont get taken down for 6 hours just to have the whole community berating them and reporting them but no one doing anything about it, or they can leave a 1 star review saying some pointless shit on a mod you spent weeks on and guess what... you report it and nothing happens, just sad how unsupportive the staff is.
    - NO UPDATES! It has been 1 1/2 years since the last update for LSPDFR, with an experienced team behind it, a supportive community, and plenty of staff working on it nothing has been done. I know I know "BUT 0.4 IS COMING ITS GOING TO CHANGE THE GAME!!!!" simply... no. An animation has been added. And RDE and EUP have been watered down and then added. Not only is it not good, its just bad, not trying to be rude but nobody wants that, I could care less for stop and frisk or having mods that are already in my game dimmed down, we need an actual update. I know what you're thinking: "t0y you IGNORANT SLUT! YOU ARE A MODELER YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT GAME DEVELOPMENT AND SCRIPTING!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK YOU FAT SLOB!" first of all im not fat, and that is very rude, second of all ITS BEEN A YEAR AND A HALF there have been so many scripts made, and huge game improving mods like from Albo that have taken less than a year in a half or PNWParksFan who has made an ENTIRE COAST GUARD CALLOUTS MOD in less than that time that has 100x more content than that update, and those are all by one person not even a whole development team. Up until the 0.4 announcement I had just thought the scripters or creators or whatever you guys are called just ditched the whole mod which is really sad considering I have spent countless hours, even 100s of hours making content for this community on my own time, without asking for donations, or trying to sell godawful merchandise. I really would've expected more from you guys, and you've failed us.
    - Honestly it's just boring. A repetitive mod that barely scratches the surface into anything police related. There are police chases, sure but you chase the guy for 4m, get run over by 100 cop cars "helping" you, pit the guy, shoot him, call a coroner, and drive away then rinse and repeat. No cordoning off the scene, calling investigators, directing traffic away from it, getting backup to come and park near the scene to help out, nothing that isn't action filled, like normal police work. It's just not enough to spend so much time on making models for, I would be willing to bet that there has been 5x as much time and effort spent on modeling for the community as I've seen from people like Matt who spends so much hard work on his models than the mod itself which is just silly. AGAIN because I know this will be taken the wrong way im not trying to call you guys out, I know you have a life, it's just a reason why im out of here.
    Anyway to conclude. Yeah. Bye.
    Thanks to all the people that I was friends with over the years, you know who you are (most of you are in Faux Policiers, if so this is repetitive and we're still going to talk to so not saying bye so this is pointless so special thanks to you guys: Emil, DudeMan would be cooler if this was your real name but fuck off, Eric, Jay, Rob, Alex, Maurice, Steven, Brad, Hank, Jake, Jed, Kevin, Kus, Luke, and Trevor sorry you're last but you're offline so your name is on the bottom of the list.
    If you want to stay in touch my Discord is t0y#8617 and my Twitter is thet0y feel free to add me/follow me and we can chat. Still going to lurk around here and see what happens.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Kallus in Game Crashes ~ 3 minutes after loading LSPDFR/Plugins   
    Try reverting back to the original gameconfig and see if that fixes it.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Kallus in RPH No longer available   
    RPH doesn't support previous versions because it'd be a lot of extra work.  You aren't forced to update, it's optional as long as you properly back up your game.  Furthermore, Caramel's comment is far from "useless" and provides information that you need to be aware of.   Do you know Alexander Blade?  If not, then you really have no place to say SHV will never be updated again, because you don't know.  Alex has always been good with updates, and he will release another.  
    I strongly, strongly encourage you read our community guidelines which forbids sharing game files. Please don't cop an attitude with us just because you didn't back up your game.
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    NoahB18 got a reaction from Jetski343 in Slicktop Caprice's   
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    NoahB18 reacted to theninja35 in Possible in-game ticket recorder?   
    I guess it'd be cool. Very realistic.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Sheg in vdH K-9 Script [Coordinates]   
    Hey guys Sheg here ! I made this post because I haven't seen any other topics related to this so I thought I would start it !
    If you have coordinates for the VDH K-9 Script just reply below ! But please include (If-Possible)
    1. Type of vehicle [With link]
    2. What seat the dog will be sitting in with the specified coordinates
    3. Link to Vehicle
    4. Then please always give credit to prospected owners of ANY MATERIAL !
    IF you would like to request coordinates for certain vehicle(s) Please reply in this format
    1. Type of Vehicle [With link]
    2. What seat you would like to dog to sit in.
    3. And please leave a BIG thank you to your fellow gamers !
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    NoahB18 reacted to CRAWFORDx96 in Shot this guy so hard his afro fell off   
    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Note to self, if I ever plan on getting shot, don't have an afro...
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    NoahB18 reacted to Him1250 in Shot this guy so hard his afro fell off   
    Ah, Reminds me of spier's old videos! 
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    NoahB18 reacted to RyanG in Shot this guy so hard his afro fell off   
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    NoahB18 reacted to willpv23 in Euro Truck Simulator 2   
    I had an...interesting run in with the AI today. I pull up to the intersection and a truck decides to drive right into another car. The truck backs up and the car continues on. When the truck starting to drive again....well...

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    NoahB18 reacted to BroJam in Euro Truck Simulator 2   
    American Long Haul is 6 years old. 
    It was definitely fun and advanced for it's time, but now, no. Lol.
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    NoahB18 reacted to willpv23 in Euro Truck Simulator 2   
    I love this game. I hope they make an American one with these (or better) graphics and physics.
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    NoahB18 reacted to CRAWFORDx96 in Euro Truck Simulator 2   
    That has happened to me as well. When the say simulation, they aren't kidding when you're doing 55 mph into a Peugeot and yelling, "Oh for God's sakes! Not again!"
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    NoahB18 reacted to Yard1 in My menus and game   
    Try without the ENB, and then if it doesn't work without ENB, delete GTA IV folder in steam and reinstall.
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    NoahB18 reacted to InnermostZero in Radar, menu, and els/lcpdfr messages not appearing correctly   
    Dragging you'r directory right back in might be just be stimulating the problem again .I would say fresh install AND fresh downloads of you'r mods ,re-download them and don't drag them from any previous folders. Give you'r self the best opportunity to have a clean game in every area, using old files from another directory mightn't help that much.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Illusionyary in How can I remove window decals?   
    Here you go:

    The only trouble is that I'm not sure if it saved the opacity, so the windows might be a solid grey. If that's the case, tell me and I'll send you a link to the vehicle with the template pre-installed.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Firefighter 5663 in How to edit window texture?   
    How do I edit window texture on this CVPI? It has K-9 textures but I want it to be plain for a texture im making. If you could tell me how or if someone can do it for me that would great. Thanks
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    NoahB18 reacted to cp702 in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    First: I don't know what "Virgins of ELS" are, but I'm also pretty sure I don't want to, so please, PLEASE don't elaborate.

    Second: Older ELS cars should still be perfectly compatible with ELS 7.
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    NoahB18 reacted to Break in Announcing ELS V7 (UPDATE 02/05)   
    I'm pretty sure SpeedyRetreat was being sarcastic. Can we please cut the flaming now? Thanks!
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    NoahB18 reacted to GTAIVCode3 in Police packs   
    this one http://www.gta-modding-chest.com/database/111-liberty-city-police-department-pack-charger-cvpi-tahoe-els/index.html
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