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  1. im making it right now as i didnt have the time for it, should be posted soon The edition with no pushbar was released today due to demand of having it removed (you can still take the pushbar one as well).
  2. If you use the search feaure in OpenIV you will see that the police3.yft and the other two can be found in like 3 places. Replace everywhere.
  3. Its just a matte black paintjob cause it fitted well imo If you so wish i shall add the nonrambar model when i get time ! Thanks for your interest!
  4. Version 1.0


    As this is my first mod it is not perfect but i wanted to share it to the world. It lacks an MDT, cage, radio and these details but its a WIP. I suggest you apply 100% armor cause there are some issues (some things poking thru the bumper) Known bugs: -changing wheels sometimes makes them bug out -crashing may destroy the look (use armor pls) - windows not cracking -needles not working (Shoot me a dm if you can make them work) Credits: Original model - Microsoft Studios Mr Vano 42 - car model convert Model from San andreas Original auhor from San andreas : maksim_shuvalov777 generic led package: Bueno Setina by Twurtleee Setina textured by Twurtlee Textures provided by Matt If i missed you in the credits list make sure to let me know! Any ideas to what i should do to the model post it in the comments!
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