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  1. I'm fine at this moment actually @Avail but still all these plugins make me confused aswell... -,- Too many plugins to install, too much errors and things like that.
  2. Proficiency


    Hey guys, When I join to the ragehook plugin into the game and I'm going to the police station I can choose only a cop guy but after I'm going to choose a car too its get bugged. I mean like after I choose an officer and do continue its should take me to pick a car but before that it shows me a black screen and not loading long time which means it doesnt work.. Somebody can help me? I would like to get your help, thank you so much !
  3. I've got a question if someone can answer about it, I can change a police car skin with 1 file? or I need like 2-3 files for it?
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