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  1. Do u know how to check is the player is in given location?
  2. A lot of people had this problem, make sure u have antivirus turned off.
  3. try to Reinstall ragepluginhook and lspdfr, i dont have any other ideas.
  4. No problem, and if every of your plugin is ok, then read the site of plugin. For example interaction+ needs DarkApi
  5. I had same problem too, u have to install everything from ASI Manager in OpenIV, or disable your antivirus
  6. Maybe your computer is not good, can u tell me how many plugins u have installed?
  7. Make sure, u have installed plugins for your lspdfr version.
  8. Make sure u have installed it good: 1) Install RAGE Plugin Hook - Open Alpha - 0.64.1234.15464 and LSPD First Response (Manaual install) 2) Drop every file from winrars to your game local file 3) Install OpenIV and open it 4) Locate your Gta 5 location (its in your disc > Rockstar Games > Grand Theft Auto V) 5) Go to Tools > ASI manager and install ASI Loader, OpenIV.Asi and opencamera. 6) Close OpenIV, and in your game local file right click on the ragepluginhook and enable "Open with administrator") And do it same with GtaV Launcher 7) Open Rage plugin hook and u will have settings, so only u will select it there, is "Load all plugins on start up" 8.) After settings, if ragepluginhook does not open, try to open Gta launcher, and after few seconds turn on the ragepluginhook If u have installed it like that, turn off antivirus or try to reinstall gta 5 and install it again. If still does not works, tell me what is your game version.
  9. Hello i really need to know how to check the player in given location, Can u tell me? And other questions: How to make ped shooting on cops? How to make callout only start when near of it? How to make dialog? That's all.
  10. I found a way yesterday, its: if (Suspect.IsCuffed || Suspect.IsDead) { { SuspectBlip.Delete(); } } What i really need now, is make callout starts when near spawnpoint and make peds shooting on other cops
  11. Can u tell me how to make ped shooting on cops? not only me
  12. I know, i used it 3/2 days ago. But u still can help me, i really want to know how to make callout starts when only near the spawnpoint
  13. K i tried does not works, there is error: Non-invocable member 'Entity.IsDead' cannot be used like a method. but, how to give u reputation? and how i can make callout spawning when only near the spawnpoint
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