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  1. https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/909-gta-v-support/ Post this here. Your post will eventually be moved by a moderator anywhos.
  2. Hey, please relate to the post I made about ELS not working, and the fix to ScriptHook V in it.
  3. Hey, relate to the post I just made about scripthook V https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/89287-els-not-working-fix/
  4. Hello all! So recently I've seen a little bit of an uprise in "ELS not working" posts, and I wanted to address why its not working, and how to fix it. I was also one of the people that was about to put out one of these posts, until I found a fix. Here is the fix: If this happens during a Script Hook V outdate (as the game updated) and you're using AsiSupport, follow below. So, if this happens when you're using AsiSupport, this is why: ELS only works with Script Hook V it seems, so you have to use Non-ELS vehicles until Script Hook V is updated. I dont know, and still dont know why ELS doesent work with AsiSupport. How do i check if Script Hook V is outdated? If you get an error message when using Script Hook V, go to where your GTAV.exe is located (Grand Theft Auto file) and right click it, and click "Properties" When on, go to "Details" and look at the Product Version. Imgur of where to look Then go to the Script Hook V website, and look at their version. Imgur of where to look If it matches up, remove the AsiSupport files, and re-install Script Hook V. If this happens and Script Hook V isint outdated, etc. To fix this, usually you should remove the "ASILoader" and "OpenIV.asi" (you have to have OpenIV for this). Click "Install" on both of them again Reboot your PC and try. If that doesent work, ask for help on the form! Hope this helped people
  5. @ShockwaveR Hello! I'd like to inform you that Scripthook V has now been updated to the version. No more problems!
  6. The file that has the deluxo in it and that puts it in the game.
  7. Just the deluxo file. Make sure to rename it "police3" and replace it in the correct area. Use openiv.
  8. Try this: Open GTA V without rage plugin hook, Wait until the last image on launcher setup When the launcher starts to disappear, open RPH (without administrator) It should load up! Hope this helps
  9. If you rename it police3 it will be recognised, then you just simply retexture.
  10. Do NOT run RPH with administrator. This process may add plugins that dont need to me (thus causing the crash) ^ please do this as well Hope this helps
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