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  1. Solved the prob by myselve, Thank you a lot anyway!
  2. Hey @BradM, love your BCSO Pack! I have an issue with one of your cars, hoping you could tell me how to solve it: The FPIU SEC-Lightbar in the rear windscreen does not react. I can toggle via ELS as usual, the panel tells me that SEC-lights are working, checking the environment, I see the matching red/blue-light reflections on walls, stretts, cars etc., but the lightbar remains dark. (Mint condition FPIU - washed & repaired) Hope you can help, cause I love so much what you've done here!
  3. Hey josh, Albo has published a really good "HOW TO" video series on yt. Do not miss watching all of these! Extremly helpful. After that you should be able to solve your problem by yourself. Just open his channel and look for his HOW TO playlist. Greets!
  4. Kann geschlossen werden, Problem hat sich gelöst.
  5. Hallo, hat hier jemand einen Download-Link für eine v1493 von GTA-5 die mit v0.63 von RPH kompatibel ist oder könnte diese Daten kurzfristig selbst zum downloaden bereitstellen? Als SC-User bräuchte ich unter v1493 die originale -update.rpf -PlayGTAV.exe -GTAVLauncher.exe -GTA.exe Um den Rest kümmere ich mich selbst. Merci. - - - 18:52, 12/17/18 - - - Habe das hier soeben gefunden und werde es testen. https://www.grandtheftauto5.fr/telechargements/patchs/2836-patch-1014930-gta-v-pc/telecharger/
  6. Hello, could somebody please publish the Back Up Data by RagePluginHook from v1493 and link it here for download? I've lost mine and RPH finds only a v1604 Back Up Version that doesn't help me. Thanks a lot!
  7. Hey Jan, Hast du es schon unter den neusten Updates probiert? Also GTA-V v1.0.1604.0 Retail RPH v0.64.1234.15464 PUBLIC ALPHA
  8. hey Tyler could you explain your Way you dealed with it a bit more detailed? Hey Pursuit, Could you check the reason of crash inside ASI Support and adapt it to latest GTA-V- & RPH-Version? Would be so cool!
  9. checked my console and it's exactly the same crash that occures...
  10. Repaired as you told to and that worked great. Meanwhile ASI Support crashes when starting the game via RPH. I coudn't find crash-report-data yet, otherwise I've had posted it here already. But I'm afraid console content tells the same error Double Doppler already posted in here. So, i'll wait for you guys who are dealing with modding longer than me^^
  11. He guys, GTA-V v1.0.1604.0 Retail RPH v0.64.1234.15464 PUBLIC ALPHA LSPDFR LSPDFR+ Interaction+ Computer+ ASISupport 0.3.1 HoldMyGun KTFDO Spotlight ArrestManager EMSmod PoliceSearch PoliceSmartRadio StopThePed Assorted Callouts BetterEms CalloutManager MakePedsCalmAgain MoreRadioChatter Traffic Policer VocalDispatch I thougt it would be helpful to show, what plugins I'm using. So, after these latest dropped updates I installed, I checked that the latest SHV is still missing. I searched for another way to get things working and found this thread. I installed the latest "ASISupport" version, and further required programs, exept Windows Framework 4.6 because system told me that it's totally outdated. I implemented all into the matching game directory, like readme.txt told me to. Everything seems to get started without crashing or causing other problems but my loading screen doesn't end. It is a never-ending-loading-loop. Can somebody help? Greets!
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