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  1. if he had some 20 year old Indian guy, butt naked on the floor, covered in KY jelly, I'm sure he has.
  2. Oh god the Brits are getting involved
  3. There still a YouTuber does not matter the size.
  4. Why just youtuber's? Why not normal people?
  5. Weirdest call and weirdest item you've found on someone
    Very nice, make's it so you don't have to go thru the full trainer make a discord server
  6. Fixed, it was the audio driver just bought this computer.
  7. My game crashes every time I get a callout. The log file is attached to this. My antivirus is disabled In my gta v folder steam RagePluginHook.log I've also fully reinstalled my game, reinstalled rage, updated rage etc
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