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  1. Send me the crash log please on Discord @ Lieutenant Husky#1094
  2. Is it giving you an error or just closing out the game when spawning through F4?
  3. Np, LSPDFR anit virus thingy is checking the text document rn, itll be up in a second or to. DOWNLOAD FIXED, SORRY. LSPDFR's Mod Upload thingy or what ever was being buggy or stubborn so I put a txt file in the download and put a drive link on it to download the file
  4. Yep I just figured that out, lol, I put a txt in the download including a link to the vehicle in a drive link. In the meantime while I do it. Heres the drive link to download it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YC-Z2s72aAKOrepvDrtk-8Ai8I6s_7l_
  5. File is broken for some reason. Let me try fixing it sorry!
  6. Version 1.0


    --- Description --- Hello LSPDFR Community! Today I have provided you all with another release, if you find any bugs please report them in the comments and I hope you enjoy! --- Vehicle Extras --- Extra 12 - Rambar Extra 10 - Wraparound --- In the Download --- Car Files VCF File Credits Model ------------------------------------- - Ford explorer Base model purchased by Thehurk, GTAxB0SS, Requiem and Windows446 - Poly Crunched, Textured, Converted by Thehurk. - Interior purchased by TrentMU and FRGamer - Textures by Taylor Swift, Thehurk, & OfficerUnderwood - Heavily edited this piece of shit into a polished piece of shit by OfficerUnderwood - Rims by BxBugs123, Centercap by Carper - Interceptor Hood text by GTAxB0SS Parts & Lights ------------------------------------- - Whelen Inner Edge - Bueno - Whelen Side Runners - Raptor2000 - Whelen Ion Window Brackets - East Coast Design - iForce Laptop & Stand - HP Deskjet - Westin 2016 FPIU Wrap - HuskyBaud - ALPR System's - MrPatato & BxBugs - D&R 2016 FPIU Window Bars - tomcat8492 - FS SmartController - OfficerUnderwood - Turtle Console - Twurtleee - WatchGaurd Dashcam - HDgamerzPC - Spotlight - Solo - Progaurd Partition - BFRS-EMT, Lieutenant Husky for converting to GTA V. - Progaurd Gun Mount - Black Jesus
  7. Is this skin taken off of XBR's weather tahoe, because I don't see a single difference between the two. Just wondering.
  8. cough cough... give credits to the people that made the rambar and lights to.
  9. Ill go ahead and do that in version 1.1, thanks for the feedback!
  10. Version 1.0


    Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/XAWSmej
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