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    I am "stunned" how far she flew
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    From the album: Rogue's Photos

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    Grand Theft Auto V 1_2_2019 6_23_10 PM.png

    looks incredible. loving that colour
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    "Cough" "cough"
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    Blaine County Sheriff Pack.

    Version 1.0.4


    Do you love @BradM's State Police Vehicle Pack as much as I do, and want to add some Sheriff textures? Then you are in luck! For: 2 Simple Rules to follow: Q: Can you make "This" department for me? A: No Q: Can you add / change "This" A: No Enjoy:) NOT FOR REUPLOAD WITHOUT PERMISSION, PERSONAL USE ONLY!
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    [ELS] 2018 Charger LethBridge Police Department

    Forgot to add 'regional' and not the exact lighting setup but its still really nice. Keep up the good work.
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    BCSO Criminal Interdiction Silverado

    An older model that is a crew cab, YES!
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    Blaine County Sheriff's Office [Pack]

    Fantastic work as always!
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    Police Gang Unit PED

    no no just a funny coincidence lol
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    Police Gang Unit PED

    I made my own changes to this model a while back. its really funny how you used the same T-shirt and long sleeve colours and I did lol.
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    Safe Travels

    From the album: Rogue's Photos

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    [ELS] Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Slicktop

    The placement of all the lights is just perfect. Really ties in with the cars look.
  14. RogueThunder

    Oklahoma City Fire Pierce Impel Livery

    Dam dude... I love this.
    I consider these a work of art. spectacular work!!
  15. RogueThunder

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    Looking good. Keep it up
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    From the album: Rogue's Photos

    © Rogue Thunder

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    From the album: Rogue's Photos

    Up and coming CPS pack

    © Rogue Thunder

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    From the album: Rogue's Photos

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    You Tool 2

    From the album: My WIP's

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    My WIP's

  21. RogueThunder

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    Man i gotta say.. You are killing it with these cars!
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    You Tool

    From the album: My WIP's