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  1. RogueThunder

    [ELS] 2018 Charger LethBridge Police Department

    Forgot to add 'regional' and not the exact lighting setup but its still really nice. Keep up the good work.
  2. RogueThunder

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office [Pack]

    Fantastic work as always!
  3. RogueThunder

    Police Gang Unit PED

    no no just a funny coincidence lol
  4. RogueThunder

    Police Gang Unit PED

    I made my own changes to this model a while back. its really funny how you used the same T-shirt and long sleeve colours and I did lol.
  5. RogueThunder

    [ELS] Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Slicktop

    The placement of all the lights is just perfect. Really ties in with the cars look.
  6. RogueThunder

    Oklahoma City Fire Pierce Impel Livery

    Dam dude... I love this.
    I consider these a work of art. spectacular work!!
  7. RogueThunder

    RCMP Add-on for EUP

    Looking good. Keep it up
  8. RogueThunder

    My WIP's

  9. RogueThunder

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    Man i gotta say.. You are killing it with these cars!
  10. RogueThunder

    Sandy Shores RCMP Detachment

    Defiantly a must if you have RCMP cars in Sandy
  11. RogueThunder

    Sandy Shores RCMP Detachment

    Really loving this. The only thing I see is having 2 canada flags. Change one flag to an RCMP flag and it will be perfect. Nice job man
  12. RogueThunder

    Sandy Shores RCMP Detachment

    Awesome!! will defiantly have to use!!