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    GameOwnerTJE reacted to CoDrysack in continuous load screen   
    oops forgot to hit edit mode on the tools menu to update.rpf....all good now
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    GameOwnerTJE got a reaction from PantherP71 in ELS is not working anymore   
    Yes, I figured it out I needed to uninstall the stuff in OpenIV and installed it back again.. ELS works now
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    GameOwnerTJE got a reaction from PantherP71 in ELS is not working anymore   
    Okay so after a month of not playing LSPDFR I thought today lets give it a try again, but first lets update some callouts etc.
    After I updated these I started up my game and everything works fine except for the ELS on my vehicles, only on stage 3 the rear taillights will flash but the lightbar is not working.
    Does anyone maybe know if it maybe has the do with the update plugins and callouts listed below or something else?
    The plugins and callouts I updated are:
    [WIP]County Callouts Pack [ALPHA] 3.0
    Traffic Policer
    To be honest I don't think any of the plugins/callouts above messed with the ELS files, but you never know.
    Thanks for the help already!
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    GameOwnerTJE got a reaction from PhreshKillz in Requesting F-150 (EDIT add more lights)   
    Thehurk is working on one :)
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    GameOwnerTJE reacted to Candice in NYPD Vehicle Pack   
    did you even look there are many different packs and vehicle for this 
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    GameOwnerTJE reacted to TaylorSwift in 2016 Florida Highway Patrol Pack   
    I think I'd like to start releasing individual little packs of the cars soon, maybe a charger pack, tahoe pack, etc.
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