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  1. I only started playing LSPDFR earlier this year, but your plugins have definitely found a permanent home in my build. Thanks, Albo1125, from this relative novice.
  2. Soxwin91

    BCSO Integrity Pack

    If this is to be your swan song, Maurice, then I must say it is quite the swan song. I love these cars. I just wish I was better at working with OpenIV so i could have more of your cars in my game at a time. Five stars. I award you a Red Brick for a job well done. Now go catch the Brickster. (again)
    Massachusetts Represent! Nice work, I hope to see more from you.
  3. Soxwin91

    Computer+ and Interaction+ crashing my game

    I am having similar issues. When I open Computer+, it works normally until I try to do just about anything in the plugin. I then get a "failed to initialize" error and the game crashes to my desktop. I don't use Interaction+
  4. Soxwin91

    San Andreas Mega-Pack

    To paraphrase an infamous Sith Lord, "I will be watching this pack's progress with great interest!"
  5. Soxwin91

    Code 3 18 Charger & 13 Tahoe

    Fantastic as usual, Maurice.
  6. Soxwin91

    BradM's Texture Dump

    I love that there's a lore friendly Massachusetts skin, but I can't find a vehicle that uses that template
  7. Soxwin91


    so I could be going crazy but it seems like the textures for thehurk's ELS FPIU w/hq interior and its derivatives (incl. Maurice 97's FPIU w/ legacy) are missing the license plates. Also how about a state police version? there are 50 states and a lot of them haven't been tapped into as far as lore friendly textures
  8. Soxwin91

    Los Santos Police Service Mega-Pack [ELS]

    V1.4.0 [Should I re download for this update: I'd suggest so.] Minor tweaks and fixes Fixed (I hope) the trunk opening by itself of the Traffic FPIU Thank you so much for this. Seriously. I thought I was going insane. I'd get up to speed in a pursuit after a traffic stop and all of a sudden the tailgate would be wide open. If I had so much as grazed something I'm sure it would have sheared off...
  9. Soxwin91

    SAHP Oracle Police Intercepter [ELS]

    I like it. The livery is nice and simple. Haven't tried it in game yet. Any consideration to an LSPD/BCSO variant?
  10. Soxwin91


    These are amazing. I've got two slicktop '15 chargers decked out in these -- one supervisor/Watch commander and one ghost patrol/ghost supervisor. Keep up the great work
  11. Soxwin91

    "Retro"Lightbar Pack

    to quote Director Krennic from Rogue One..."Oh...it's beautiful."
  12. Soxwin91

    [Skin] North Smithfield RI Police

    as already noted, it looks nice, but it needs plates. Not a bad effort. As a native new englander I know what the police vehicles for various towns look like.
  13. Soxwin91

    Los Santos County Sheriff Pack (4K & 2K)

    Any chance you would think about adding a skin for OfficerUnderwood's 2016 FPIS?
  14. Soxwin91

    2015 Potato Charger ELS

    This isn't a huge deal but the file calls it a 2015 charger but the included template points to it being a 2016? and the skins for the 2016s fit while those for the '15s don't really. same with the slicktop variant.