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  1. Wow great work, can't wait to see more upcoming updates for LSPDFR .
  2. Not if its bad antivirus fault because even then it will crash.
  3. Wow, i'm glad someone made the list of working plugins in lspdfr 0.4 already :D.
  4. What about your antivirus software? do you have avast? If thats the case, try to disable it. Also from the logs i can't see anything wrong with game, could you provide screenshot of your gta v directory and game when the crash happens?.
  5. Oh, sorry then but how do i do that, i know how to take a selfie but then what.
  6. Wait how? I'm talking about character from lspdfr synch not my profile photo.
  7. Hello sorry for posting it here but I have another problem, in my profile on forum there is character LSPDFR tab and there are name of my character but he doesn't have a picture of he's head, Frank Morgan looks like have the same problem as me. Do you know how to fix it?.
  8. Yeah i have the same problem, i had synced my computer with LSPDFR but then it says ,,You currently have no characters stored on the LSPDFR Sync service.". Edit:Oh okay, apparently im stupid, you need after syncing your computer to your account also go switch characters and there in character selection screen just click space and thats all. Sorry for my bad english, hope this solution will help you like it did to me.
  9. I can't wait for 0.4 ,I feel it is coming closer to being relased :D.
  10. You need to wait for Script Hook to update since there was a new update from rockstar games.
  11. Yeah creating new gta V folder for modded version would prevent steam deleting modded files in your folder.
  12. Yes there is a way to add more cars to the game but you need to modify some of the files, here's a link for example which adds a additional slots to the police cars from TBOGT expansion and TLAD https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/668-more-vehicles/
  13. I don't think it is possible any longer to sync your account to LCPDFR, as far as i know this feature has been removed on the forum long time ago
  14. Wow guess i'm not the only one refreshing LSPDFR page.
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