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  1. Love it! Should be done with it here in a couple of days!
  2. @StraightGlitcheZ Nice, I'm actually the one who is helping Justin convert your els vehicles to non els.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is is still a work in progress, but I figured why not get it out to the public so communities can use it. Extras: Extra #1 - Top Antennas More To Come To Be Added Spotlights/Takedowns Interior Coronas Credits Model: -Orignal suburban Scratch modeled by Shadydk311 -Converted and edited to V by BritishGamer88 -Converted to Tahoe by Thehurk & Allaboutk9 -MAJOR edits by Thehurk -Convert to PPV By Thehurk -Rims purchased by Him1250 -Normals and wireframe fixed by Thehurk -Textured by Thehurk Misc Items: -D&R Window Bar Pack by tomcat8492 - Laird B8065CN Antenna Modeled, Textured by VooDoo. Textures by VooDoo. Converted to V by VooDoo Lighting Equipment: -Front lights modeled, converted, and textured by Bueno -Whelen ion Window Brackets by East Coast Design This is the first model done by Jakes Modifications. Jakes Modifications Discord: https://discord.gg/jVKSMac You may NOT reupload my vehicles anywhere!
  4. Great pack overall, just noticed that you are able to walk straight through the Unmarked Crown Victoria.
    Great work man! You should really think about making more non els models, your are very good!
  5. Hey, is there any way you convert this vehicle to non els? , Thanks - Jake M.
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