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  1. Hello Everyone, I keep getting a GTA V crash when I try to load into the game through RPH. It was working fine for a while and now I started getting this crash. Ive tried many different things to try and fix it but ive been unsuccessful. Thanks for any help, Here is the RPH crash log:
  2. OfficerVin88

    Rage crashes in game

    Is everything up to date? Try checking the compatibility with your version of windows. I didn't really see anything from your log, maybe someone else can help better than I can. I would also try Albo's troubleshooter, you can download it from LSPDFR.
  3. OfficerVin88

    Rage crashes in game

    Glad it worked!
  4. OfficerVin88

    Rage crashes in game

    Try checking the rage plugin hook log its a text file under the .exe in your gta v folder.
  5. Hello I am looking to build my own pc mainly to play lspdfr. This would be my first build so I wanted to know how this looks: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/vinv123/saved/bTt3FT I would like it to run gta v with lspdfr smoothly with plugins and vehicles etc, preferably above 60fps. Let me know what you guys think. I have a budget of up to about $1,200. I’d appreciate any help you can give.