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  1. amur19

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Awsome pack! The lights look really godd especially the slicktop cars. Teh only complaint is that the CVPI doesn't have proper collisons on the side doors so you ca just walk straight through the car. Otherwise good job!
  2. So when i go into computer plus and search for a ped or a vehicle nothing happens and my game crashes. Any ideas of what can cause this? RagePluginHook.log
  3. amur19

    Los Santos Police Department - Valor Pack [ELS]

    The Charger and the FPIS. Otherwise you did an AWSOME job
  4. amur19

    Los Santos Police Department - Valor Pack [ELS]

    Is there a way to fix the head poking out of the roof?
  5. Is there a way to decrease the damage on the night stick so that i actually becomes usefull and doesn't kill pepole in one strike?
  6. So i have a problem with the prisoners head popping out of the roof of the cruiser. Anyone have a fix?
  7. Will you be fixing the Bug that does so that you can't stop peds and have to resort to gunpoint arrests