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  1. Monkey16NL

    Emergency Lighting System IV

    How to get a lightbar for example a NYPD CVPI to rotate can't figure it out
  2. Monkey16NL

    DROT. ELS V8.

    Hey guys i am realy late to this but i downloaded the car and everything else and it still doesn't work please help me i also have the same LCPD CVPI as will putted in the picture
  3. Monkey16NL


    How Do you get those lights rotating have been trying for weeks can't figure it out please help ?
  4. Monkey16NL

    Federal Signal Vision SLR

    Prob sounds stupid but how do you put this into youre game
  5. Monkey16NL

    1990's NYPD Caprice Responding Code 3 to Assist

    What that ENB
  6. Monkey16NL

    Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    Love the car but just one thing would it be possible to make a non ELS or my own FiveM server
  7. Monkey16NL

    City Cop (Atlanta based)

    Wish you could make one for LAPD
    this is so cool the patches could have been better but this is awsome
  8. Monkey16NL

    Setina Pushbar

    oh okay thx
  9. Monkey16NL

    Setina Pushbar

    how do you install this sorry i am a noob at this sort of things plzz help me
  10. Monkey16NL

    Code3 X21 TR

    how do you install it ????
  11. Monkey16NL

    2016 Explorer Legacy

    Nice car
  12. Monkey16NL

    Crown Victoria Engine Sound

  13. Monkey16NL

    [ELS] 06 & 11 CVPI Sarnia Ontario

    this is the best car ever but can you make a LAPD skin or something plzz you are the boss then
  14. Monkey16NL

    Crown Victoria Engine Sound

    I like the sound but where did you download the car on the frond