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  1. we need to save the cats !!!!! https://imgur.com/a/Itm8U6m
  2. I hope but it probably won't my money is on the 20th
  3. Can I have some help my game crashes every time I press f7 and I have installed it right Logs: https://pastebin.com/Tw6FfsnK
  4. true but i just have to check i got no life lol jk but i do hope it gets out sooner
  5. i do the same i check my phone when i wake up and when i am out the house i check it like every 30 mins lol
  6. is there any new calls coming with lspdfr 0.4 ??
  7. same here but it does not come out today then there's not much longer to go
  8. same i have been checking the page every 3 hours lol once this update comes out I am never leaving my house again jk I can't wait to get my hands on it
  9. same i cant wait I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE JK
  10. I love the looks of this mod !! This is just an idea but you should add shift times or something like that bc that would be cool
  11. DeputyMatt

    My LSPDFR Pics

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