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    tonesnaps got a reaction from Syroxx in Polecat324s Graphics   
    does anyone know polecats324's graphics setup please use the video link below for reference? i really like how his lights shine ! (it a youtube video) 
    his light streaks from the lights are so good! and just overall look of his game !
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    tonesnaps reacted to t0y in t0y's WIP (New York State Police, White Plains PD)   
    Hi folks. I'm Aidan a.k.a t0y. Here is my Work in Progress thread, everything here is subject to updates, or even cancellations depending on my motivation at the time. My current project is the New York State Police and White Plains PD. I am from New York City, and I see at least NYSP all the time, and White Plains is just a beautiful department so I decided to do these. More updates, and information about each pack will be found below. In this thread I will occasionally post in game screenshots, but a majority of pictures will be from Zmod depending on the vehicle and pack I am making, and honestly things tend to look better in ZMod lol. If you have any questions about anything related to this thread, or these vehicles feel free to reply below, thanks :) All vehicles are as accurate as possible, so for these two NY departments, they do feature forward red lighting, and different inspection stickers depending on their vehicle years, etc. Also the NYSP cars all have different radar antenna positions, inspection stickers, and computer screens just to make it a bit unique. Although, about 10 cars in I realized there arent that many variations of 4 tabs on a computer screen I could make so I did need to reuse a few lol.
    Project: New York State Police
    Current Vehicles: I have 19 vehicles finished, yes it's a lot of variation but it only took about a month because it is only about 6-7 unique vehicles, I just made common variations of each vehicle, from different troops etc. accurate to their IRL counterparts. I have finished: 3G80, 3K35, 3M10, T203, 1K21, 3F80, 1B40, L106, 1A86, 1T20, 2T15, 2G66, 1T18, 1T19, 1T21, 1T51, 1T87, 2F42, 3B37. Each vehicle file has its own "About" note which will tell you the zone and troop it runs out of, its areas of patrol, equipment, and if it is still in service or not.
    Planned Vehicles: Not to give too much about it away, but I plan on adding about 10 more vehicles over the next month or two, these mostly depend on me having Robert or someone as talented scratch model me the NYSP Highrisers, and finish his current project which I wont say just in case he doesn't want me to spoil it, but I will make NYSP vehicles on that base.
    Zmodeler Pictures: (Some of these have been edited, scrapped, or redone since these pictures were taken, may vary in game as well)




    T203 (CITE)



    Ok, what the fuck. 4mb limit here too? Well then. I'll just spam more images later I guess? That's a bit annoying. Well then this will cut my thread down a lot that's fun. MORE PICTURES TO COME!
    Special thanks to: @CG Blaze @FRGamer @Slendis @RobertTM for various helping etc. And all being New Yorkers except Emil.

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    tonesnaps reacted to Giordano in help me figure this out   
    The Tahoe is from this pack -
    Light reflections most likely came with the ELS VCF, or he made some adjustments.
    No clue the specific siren he is using, but I believe it's a Whelen 295.

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    tonesnaps reacted to trw1000 in EUP Tattoos   
    This trainer here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    Go into model spawning, then to clothes and then select tattoos. You can save combinations of tattoos as well.
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    tonesnaps got a reaction from OfficerBunkiee in EUP Tattoos   
    yea I would like to know this as well. 
    sorry I don't have an answer for you 
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    tonesnaps reacted to JAM in Caprice w/ Epic Lights Skins?????   
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    tonesnaps reacted to fsjoedog in LSPDFR will not start up   
    Fixed. See here.