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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello all, I hope you are having an amazing day. Today I bring to you a model I created along with other members of the Central London Policing Community Development Team Today I am releasing this model due to the current stance within the FiveM Community and the Different people within the clanning world. Below will be a list of people who contributed to this model. CREDITS - Model : SwedishModding/James Radley - Model lowering/fixes : SwedishModding/James Radley - Model converted : James Radley - Model templated : James Radley - Model Edits : Raven [CLPC] [AMUK] - Securecom Antena : Unknown [LCPDFR.COM] - Wheels : James Radley - Premier Hazard Sovereign: Adrian Kucinski [AMUK] - Whelen Ion : Adrian Kucinski [AMUK] - Buttonblasts : Adrian Kucinski [AMUK] - Tetra Dome : [CLPC] Development Team - Matrix Board : James Radley - ANPR : Adrian Kucinski [AMUK] - Skin : Bran Strafford [CLPC] Do Not Redistribute This Model Do Not Rip Or Modify The Model In Any Way Or Form Hope you enjoy Credits to @Albo1125 for the video:
  2. Inspector Raven

    Met Police - Response Officer Pack

    I enjoyed helping to create these beautiful peds and hopefully, we can release more soon.
  3. Inspector Raven

    Citroen jumper 2010 transporter Beta

    Not gonna lie needs a lot of work and no offense my nan makes better skins than this.....
  4. Version 1.0.0


    NEW RELEASE FROM XENMODS! Please do not redistribute under any circumstances. Model - AlexB Lowered and Converted - JamesR Model Edits and Fixes - XENMods™ | XENON RSG Stellar - JamesR Whelen Ion - JamesR Button Blast - JamesR Stellar Edits - XENMods™ | XENON Interior Equipment - JamesR Dashcam Modelling - XENMods™ | Inspector Tyler Dashcam UV Mapping - XENMods™ | Inspector Tyler Dashcam Texture - HDGamerzPC and XENMods™ | Inspector Tyler Lighting Setup - XENMods™ | XENON Interior Setup - XENMods™ | XENON Skin - XENMods™ | XENON Plates - XENMods™ | XENON Screenshots by XENMods™ | Inspector Tyler Conversion paid for by XENMods™ | Secret Base idea - XENMods™ | Secret Thanks to everyone who has waited with us and supported us to continue releasing. Enjoy the model and we look forward to the next one!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Original Model: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/ec-135-gendamerie-template Credits: Original model from GTA SA by Rasper Modified and templated by Game68240. Textures by MattZepol - Improved and fix by Game68240 Spotlight and Camera modelled and UV mapped by EM_Matty Model editied by EM_Matty Skin by EM_Matty Interior modelled and UV mapped by EM_Matty Thanks to EM_Raven for helping and doing the screenshots. Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/54SKVZF
  6. Inspector Raven

    Lancashire Police Ford Kuga

    Version 0.2


    File Overview: Hello, so I decided to come back to the modding scene after some time off. But I have come back to the modding scene with a group of people that will help me along the way. So here it is the 2016 Ford Kuga and the first one released. Enjoy!! Credits: Bought by RM_Horn Kuga Provided by Raddz Modding Edited by Raddz Modding Converted by Raddz Modding Whelen justice by James Raddz edited by EM Light-emissive by James Raddz Search Light by Double Doppler Boot equipment from James Raddz Lights fixed by EM_Matty Skin by RM_Robert Windows RM_Robert Visual settings by Britishgamer88 Thank you: Horn for the Kuga. Capener for the screenshots. To support the team: Become a patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EmergencyModifications Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/54SKVZF
  7. Inspector Raven

    BMW 530D F11 Police Dog Unit Pack

    Wow!. When the photos were posted i didn't think that a dog section beemer would work, but turns out it looks nice. Good Job!!
  8. Inspector Raven

    [ELS] 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked

    Well what can i say after a long time of me not being on this site I have found a model that is different from the others. Good Job!!!
  9. Inspector Raven

    Essex Police - Audi a6 Avant

    doesnt really help what i asked you have just put a logo on a skin that has already been made
  10. Inspector Raven

    Essex Police - Audi a6 Avant

    ingame pics please
  11. loving this i have this in my add on slot looks amazing
    Looking amazing m8 and good job disabling the sirens thanks for making this upload and watch out i have a charger coming soon
  12. This is where i will post updates on all my latest work in progress modifications :).
  13. Inspector Raven

    2016 Ford Explorer EMS QRV [ELS & NON ELS]

    it is looking good but regarding your description Hurks base "Dev Model 16 FPIS which is already high poly with a detailed interior. can replace any comparable suv model or GRESLEY" this is a fpiu a fpis means: ford police interceptor sedan - sorry if i am being a ass but yeah it looks like a nice model and also the polys can be lowered down.