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  1. Try deleting the CheepCallouts-folder inside Plugins\LSPDFR\ and re-downloading it.
    It's a great callout plugin! It really makes the world of GTA V a more alive place.
  2. Thank you for telling me that. This bug has something to do with the time format of your system. I will upload a fix immediately.
  3. You are correct. I made a mistake here. For now the newest version will be
  4. Version


    MoreLicensePlates You are tired of 46EEK572? Well we've got you covered. With MoreLicensePlates you do not have to fear those 46EEK572-License plates. MoreLicensePlates is fully customizable and can replace not only 46EEK572, but all plates, if you change this in the settings file! Known Bugs Plugin might crash, if there are not enough cars around you (Fixed in Contact Leave a comment LCPDFR YouTube Twitter E-Mail (contact@cheep-yt.com) Discord
  5. You are right. Thanks for telling me. It'll be fixed with the next update.
  6. This is probably because, you don't have ComputerPlus installed. Currently you must have ComputerPlus installed, when you arrive on scene (for most callouts). The next update should have this problem fixed.
  7. No it's not. They should say "We have malicious mischief in X". Maybe you don't have the audio file for that. Try deleting the "CheepCallouts"-folder from "lspdfr\Police Scanner\" and re-downloading it.
  8. You cannot start the non registered callouts via Callout Manager either. The reason, that you can't start some of my callouts is simple: They are not done yet.
  9. Thank you for posting this comment. You do not have to have ComputerPlus installed. If you don't have ComputerPlus, CheepCallouts will just print an exception into the console, but the callout should work just fine. This error you found in the console should not cause your game or LSPDFR to crash. If it does, please tell me. The car was not occupied. Since there is no way in GTA 5 (I didn't find one at least) for NPC's to hit vehicles, I just spawned invisible and invincible NPC's in front of the suspects. Then I told the suspects to hit these NPC's. For some reason one of the NPC in the video became visible again. But thank you for commenting this.
  10. Version


    CheepCallouts is a very original name for callouts made by me, Cheep. CheepCallouts is a callout pack, that extends your use of LSPDFR and gives you the opportunity, to catch all criminals of Los Santos. I am currently having a short break of developing stuff. You can still report bugs in the comment section or my discord. I will write them down and take care of them as soon as I am back developing. Thanks for understanding. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment. The newest version is --> <-- Before downloading this callout pack, please take a look into the Known Bugs-section, and be aware of those problems. For immediate support join my discort at http://discord.cheep-yt.com. You can also join, if you would like to help me create more calls or just for a little chat. If you join you might also have a chance to try out my calls, before they are released "officially". Feel free to come into my channel, if you wan't to talk to me. I should be online most of the time. If not your best bet is to email me at contact@cheep-yt.com Also thanks to @Sebo for bringing up the Update Checking Reference on LCPDFR You can find a history of all CheepCallouts versions at http://server.cheep-yt.com/CheepCalloutsHistory/ Currently there are 20 available situations. There may apear more, if you are using Callout Manager. This is because the code contains more, but these callouts are not registered and cannot be started yet. Callouts Known Bugs If you encounter any bugs, please tell me via this form. Your bug report should contain: The latest log file, or the relevant lines, if possible Instructions, so that I can cause the crash or bug every time (A video would be very appreciated) A list of all loaded plugins, mods and callouts, if possible Contact Leave a comment LCPDFR YouTube Twitter E-Mail (contact@cheep-yt.com) Discord
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