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    1sosa reacted to Officer Joey Kuffman in Your best LSPDFR 0.4 screenshots?   
    suspect arrested Picture time.. 

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    1sosa reacted to danksg in Your best LSPDFR screenshots?   
    Night patrol in Sandy Shores 

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    1sosa reacted to theultimateabel in [REL] Traffic Policer (Speed Checker | Average & Radar |, Breathalyzer |Customisable alcohol limit|, DoorLock, Drugalyzer, Ambient events |Traffic Offences|, Traffic Callouts, Road Signs, Traffic Stop Assist |Mimic| & more)   
    My game gets a 30 fps drop when using this mod in combination with arrest manager and lspdfr+ .
    Traffic policer alone gives me a fps drop from 13-20 but when using all 3 of them the fps drop is huge. 
    I reinstalled my whole folder but the problem keeps happening. Without using arrest manager, traffic policer or Lspdfr+ I can play 60 fps without any problems. Someone any ideas?
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