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  1. loadedaircraft

    San Andreas State Troopers Pack (AST) [ELS]

    This seems to just be me but when I put the cars in my game the light bar top is not red and blue instead it's just clear and black does anyone know a fix?
  2. loadedaircraft

    Green Bay PD Textures

    Here is my current project.
  3. loadedaircraft

    [ELS] LSPD 2013 Tahoe

    Can I have the template for this model?
  4. loadedaircraft

    Police font

    Thanks for the help but I believe I found the original one!
  5. loadedaircraft

    Police font

    Hi I'm currently trying to make a texture but I want the right font to go on but I don't know what it's called if someone could help that would be great!
  6. loadedaircraft

    |ELS| MSP - Dodge Charger

    I was waiting for someone to make a MSP car and this looks great!
  7. loadedaircraft

    2018 Ford Expedition Police/FBI/Fire

    Love the car but the siren does not work or the air horn.
  8. loadedaircraft

    LSPD/BSCO Texture Pack (Troy,AL) (Montgomery County, Al)

    if you want them in a folder you have to right click and press send to then click Compressed (zipped) folder then you can put all the skins in there, i also did not know how to until recently lol.
  9. loadedaircraft

    Grand Rapids Police Department MI Pack

    I really like this, a few things that i would change is on the sides of the car lower the size of the words, just a bit, and the back where you slanted POLICE could be improved in quality but other than that this is a good build and I love that you did a Michigan skin and would like to see more. Great job!
  10. loadedaircraft

    Michigan State Police Helicopter Livery

    Great now im just waiting for someone to make a MSP pack. Good job!
  11. loadedaircraft


  12. loadedaircraft


    almost done with the Canton police texture pack
  13. loadedaircraft

    BCSO Pack [RX2700]

    Can I have the templates?
  14. loadedaircraft

    LSSD Pack [ELS]

    Hey can I have the templates you used?