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  1. iSuppressedFire

    2013 Blaine County Sheriff K-9 Tahoe(ELS)

    by far the best K9 vehicle ever! Great job!!!
  2. iSuppressedFire

    ELS Broken

    Alright will do Yep still having the same issue
  3. iSuppressedFire

    ELS Broken

    Yep, it just doesn’t work on ELS vehicles but vanilla vehicles it works.
  4. iSuppressedFire

    ELS Broken

    I did, It works perfectly fine on all vanilla cars, just not the ELS made cars.
  5. iSuppressedFire

    ELS Broken

    Hey guys, I have been using ELS for over a year now until this update, it has worked great. Now all of my ELS vehicles only use Wig-Wags and none of the actual lights flash. ELS works perfectly fine on-base GTAV vehicles but doesn't work on any ELS vehicle. I have redownloaded all of GTA, any other ideas? Thanks yall.
  6. iSuppressedFire

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    Yeah, I love seeing the cars and the models are by far the best I've seen and I think you nailed the skins. I personally don't think its game breaking but it does make me sorta cringe when I see "Georgia" when I'm doing city patrols as It doesn't match well, But the rest of my skins are based on Georgia cities/counties.
  7. iSuppressedFire

    (4k) San Andreas Law Enforcement MEGA PACK

    By far my favorite pack, I've been trying to fill some slots for police LSIA spots and the University spots but I just couldn't find a good pack till I came across this one.
  8. iSuppressedFire

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    The only downside is that it does say "Georgia" state patrol instead of "San Andreas" which kinda kills my games lore friendliness but still +1
  9. iSuppressedFire

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    As a Georgian or whatever we call ourselves nowadays, I love seeing GSP themed vehicles. I live in North Georgia and GSP happens to sit on many of the backroads and interstates. It is great seeing a pack that resembles my home state. The only thing I'd like to see in a new charger even though you did say you like the '14 better, I personally love all chargers from '12 and up. Great seeing a pack like this out here and I hope to see more from you soon. Solid 5 star from me.
  10. iSuppressedFire

    2016 Ford Explorer EMS QRV [ELS & NON ELS]

    Great model, I just don't like the red/blue.
  11. iSuppressedFire

    does a mod like this exsist?

    The only real mod that I have seen that does that is the EUP Menu Found here: When you use it make sure you have this for police.
  12. iSuppressedFire

    [ELS] BCSO Pack

    Great car! Love the 2014 chargers!
  13. iSuppressedFire

    Cobb County Texture Pack

    +1 I live on the border of cobb county. Love seeing some local skins!
  14. iSuppressedFire


    Great script, I thank you for making this, we needed this!