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Before I became I cop, or more specifically, the guy in charge of an undercover task force in Los Santos. I was a teen criminal, making my way through life at very high speeds in San Fierro.


See my passion for cars was what lead me to not only crash, but to be picked up for several hundreds of felony evading charges plus many more. But because of my young age I was offered a deal, once I turned 18 I would get sent away to serve my country and in doing so my record would simply vanish. Of course I did the only smart thing and accepted the offer. Training to become a Navy SEAL was the start of my long career in the United States Armed Forces. After serving my country for over 10 years I was honorably discharged after doing some very questionable things in the name of Uncle Sam. But I am and will forever stay a SEAL, even though I'm not currently in service.


I decided to move to Los Santos and as soon as the plane touched the ground I got a call from governor Sue Murry. And let's just say that peaked my interest, later at the governor's office I was offered to run my very own task force under Los Santos Police Department. And by accepting this offer I would get the authority and full backing to do what ever's necessary to keep Los Santos safe from any and all threats. This for anyone who isn't aware, it's basically immunity to do what ever I want. After accepting the governor's offer I was sworn in as a police officer and required to take the oath.


And here we are, my name is Elijah Hall, a Navy SEAL and the guy in charge of the Code 3 Task Force.