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  1. johb2000

    Code3 Mastercom B siren

    Cool, looking forward to seeing them
  2. johb2000

    Code3 Mastercom B siren

    Not to crack down on your work but maybe you should look at original sirens. There are already tons of mastercom b sirens some shitty quality but there are multiple out there that are already of the highest quality you can get
  3. Can we get a link to the vehicles used?
  4. johb2000

    State Police of San Andreas

    Yeah well, your textures look awesome on them
  5. johb2000

    State Police of San Andreas

    Cool, btw it's a great pack, thank you
  6. johb2000

    State Police of San Andreas

    Can we get a link to the models?
  7. johb2000

    LSPD Mega Pack [ELS] (LAPD Based)

    @Milo655 The issues of your police 5-9 slots are not caused by the pack but exist because you didn't install them correctly
  8. johb2000

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention

    Ighty thanks, would be the most amazing Christmas gift ever btw.
  9. johb2000

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention

    @Sam Do you have any idea, like only the smallest idea, of about when this is gonna be finished? (Not an exact date just something that would realistic like let's say a certain number of weeks or months or whatever)
  10. johb2000

    San Andreas Mega-Pack

    Another question. Are you guys going to make this compatible with the HoldMyGun Plugin so that for example the shotgun actually get's unracked when you use the plugin?
  11. johb2000

    San Andreas Mega-Pack

    Is this pack going to be full addon? Or partly replace and partly addon? Will there maybe be a OIV installation? (I would recommend that)
  12. johb2000


  13. johb2000

    [4K] El Cajon Based Los Santos Police Department Pack

    First of all AMAZING, second are you planning on make liveries for the rest of t0y's pack? I would love to rock his 16 charger in this livery
  14. Are you planning to do an update wich includes this livery for the legacy fpis and legacy 2016 charger?