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  1. The Police Transport is handled by Stop The Ped. You can customize them using parameters in the StopThePed.ini file, as follows: // The livery number for POLICET (default prisoner transport vehicle) LiveryNumberPTCity=0 LiveryNumberPTCounty=0 // The probability to use default POLICET than the other additional vehicles for transport ProbabilityOfDefaultPT=40 // Additional vehicles for prisoner transport in Los Santos City area AdditionalPTCity=POLICE,POLICE2,POLICE3 // Additional vehicles for prisoner transport outside Los Santos City area (counties) AdditionalPTCounty=SHERIFF,SHERIFF2 // The ped models used for transport officer MaleOfficerCity=S_M_Y_COP_01 FemaleOfficerCity=S_F_Y_COP_01 MaleOfficerCounty=S_M_Y_SHERIFF_01 FemaleOfficerCounty=S_F_Y_SHERIFF_01 // Probability of female officers for Prisoner transport (0-100) ProbabilityFemale=60 If you don't want POLICET to come, you can set "ProbabilityOfDefaultPT=0" Currently, there are only 2 supported zones: Los Santos City and Counties (out of city) My next plan is to add police transport unit into Ultimate Backup, and STP is still able to call them.
  2. Hi. You can add extra_1, extra_2 ... extra_12, inside the vehicle tag. example: <Vehicle livery="1" extra_1="True" extra_2="False">POLICE2</Vehicle> Make sure to download and install the latest Ultimate Backup update.
  3. You're still using an outdated version of Ultimate Backup. Please download the latest update which already addressed the crash if you're requesting pursuit backup. Please use "Stop The Ped" plugin for that purpose. I also have plan to add police transport backup into UB in addition to current implementation in STP.
  4. I just uploaded the correct "DefaultRegions.xml" a minute ago
  5. Hi. Apparently, it was caused by a bad xml entry in "DefaultRegions.xml" file, mentioned by @Giordano on the previous post. I've uploaded the correct one.
  6. haha.. you're right.. it should go to "VehicleSet". I'll fixed it in my reference xml files for the future updates. Thanks.
  7. I don't have such crashes. It might be related to some timing due to unique and different setups/specs for each users. Right now, I'm still trying to tweak some codes to accommodate those differences. Stay tuned No you can't. Please open "DefaultRegions.xml" file and you can find the description on how you modify the xml files. There's some known bug on vehicle "extras" implementation in the xml file. I'm still fixing this issue. Stay tuned.
  8. Hi. In the "DefaultRegions.xml" file, you can find the description on how to edit the XML file. You have to know what is XML first. I'm using XML for backup definitions because XML is commonly used in the GTA/LSPDFR modding community. Just take your time to learn XML and you'll good to go. I think you are in the parks area which covers highways. You can find the parks region in "CustomRegions.xml" and modify it as you wish. Does the same issue happen if you do it again? or it's only a one time issue? CTD is usually caused by corrupted mods and textures. It can also caused by a bad codes in a plugin, which doesn't handle certain condition. I'll try to test and reproduce that later today. Please provide me with RPH log.
  9. That happens if you set the comp_shirt to a short sleeve shirt. You need to sync the texture of the arms with comp_face and comp_hands.
  10. Hi, can you send me all your xml files? I saw from the log that the problem always happened when requesting backup in the "Strawberry" area. Did you try to call ambulance/fire dept in another area? (e.g. sandy shores, paleto bay) Please also try to run it using vanilla GTA V to troubleshoot (disable OpenIV mod folder by renaming it) The xml files that come with the installation package should do it for you. If you're in the Los Santos City area, and call Supervisor, the police buddy will come with stripes, as long as you don't use custom ped model mod for the police. If you're using custom ped model, you have to adjust it by yourself, since every model have different indexes for badge components.
  11. Please send your complete RPH log. EDIT: Please try to remove any plugin that deals with "persistence". They might have removed/despawned the vehicles or peds spawned by UB.
  12. Thanks for the reports. Yeah, Currently I spawn the vehicle using default spawn API in Rage Plugin. I think it doesn't randomize the liveries. I'll find out how to randomize the liveries by default. The current Firetruck & Ambulance crews are hard-set only to 2 peds, due to the AI implementation and performance reason. I think Ambulance is fine with 2 crews. But, I'll try to make firetruck having 4 crews. stay tuned. Hi, It's the same issue as the last time you sent the log to me: What is your firetruck model name? can you send your defaultregions.xml here? can you spawn the vehicle using RPH console? (e.g. "spawn FIRETRUK")
  13. There are 4 new items: 1. Panic button png image file for PSR 2. New "Ambulance" xml entry on DefaultRegions.xml 3. New "FiretTruck" xml entry on DefaultRegions.xml 4. New Panic Button parameter (PanicButtonUnits) in UltimateBackup.ini Yes, you can basically just add new lines without replacing all the files.
  14. I see. I'll consider your idea. It's up to the players, if they want to use both or only one of them. You can always disable/enable any buttons on the PSR xml file.
  15. Hi, your siren sound issue might be caused by the backup vehicle is an ELS model vehicle.