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  1. Unjustified 143

    LSPD & SAHP Boat Skins

    This is the boat
  2. Unjustified 143

    LSPD & SAHP Boat Skins

    Version 1.0.0


    Kinda my first go at this, LSPD *Port Authority* and SAHP *Wildlife Trooper* Let me know how I did and enjoy!
  3. Unjustified 143


    Really nice and cool, what kind of siren are you using though lol?
  4. Unjustified 143

    2016 Blaine Co. Salute FPIU

    I'm not a fan of the white textured vehicles but this is 10/10 hands down, I would though like it if instead of a white texture, add on a second black color and make the letters either white or blue
    Hands down 10/10, this is a very awesome pack, I though would like you to add red/blue lighting oppositions but man, amazing pack, keep up the good work!!
  5. Unjustified 143

    W.I.P New Bern NC Based LSPD Pack

    Really really really nice, was wondering could you add a charger and also do a vic with the old new bern skins.