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  1. LT Bronco

    [ELS] 2018 F150 Unmarked

    Are the headlights supposed to work? They light up the front of the truck, but they're missing from the truck it self. I checked to make sure the tint was off both in the meta file and with the trainer, but the headlights don't show up. Otherwise I love this truck.
  2. LT Bronco

    US Park Ranger Silverado Texture

    This is awesome. Great work!
    I like these uniforms. The replacement for the sheriff peds was very easy to install. The EUP install was a little more difficult, but after repeating the process a few times I think I got it going. The included wardrobe file was great too!
  3. A suggestion... When the prisoner transport comes to pick up a prisoner, can they park behind the players car like the back up does? It's always bothered me that they just stop in the middle of the road and crash into things...
  4. LT Bronco

    Can't change liveries on add on cars

    That was it. Thanks!
  5. LT Bronco

    LSSD and BCSO (Lawrence Co., IL)

    Sorry, I see it now. I missed the hidden contents.
  6. LT Bronco

    LSSD and BCSO (Lawrence Co., IL)

    Where is that slick-top FPIS from?
  7. I'm using Simple Trainer and I noticed I can't change the liveries on a few of my add-on cars. They're installed with Albo's DLC Installer. Some cars work fine, but a few won't let me change them. I made sure the files are in the .ytd and spelled correctly, but still can't seem to get it to work. Any ideas?
  8. I actually go it. I reset the x,y coordinates in the .ini file and started again. It popped up. I guess it was way off the screen...
  9. Anyone ever have a problem with the radio not showing up on the screen? I push "c" and nothing comes up, but I can hear the beeps when I use the arrows on my controller like I'm selecting buttons. Since I know the plate checker is the first button I tired it and it ran the plate. So it works, I just can't see it. Any ideas. I just started happening yesterday out of the blue.
  10. LT Bronco

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Personally I'd prefer a little more front lighting, but otherwise a good pack
  11. LT Bronco

    Visual Settings Question

    That did the trick. I installed FiveM yesterday too and for some reason I think that screwed with a lot of my settings (or I clicked something wrong). Everything looked out of wack. I think I got it all figured out now. Thanks!
  12. LT Bronco

    Visual Settings Question

    So, I have a custom visualsettings.dat file that I installed a long time ago. I've never had a problem with it, but yesterday all of a sudden, all my police lights are dim again. I tried reloading the visualsettings file, uninstalling and reinstalling the stuff in the ASI manager (I know reinstalling one of those fixed an ELS thing way back when, but I couldn't remember which one, so I reinstalled them all...) Anyway, nothing I do works. I tried other visualsettings files too. Any ideas?
  13. LT Bronco

    Connecticut State Police Pack [ELS]

    That light bar looks spot on!
  14. LT Bronco

    EUP Replacement Belt & Holsters V1.0

    I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. The magazines look a little large, but everything else looks great!